Joe Martin Wrapup

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Joe Martin is over. It went pretty much as predicted. It was fine for me because I’m riding like hell, but this tempo style bike racing is boring. Healthnet put 9 guys on the front of the criterium for an hour and a half. I wonder if USAC thinks that is what spectators want to watch? A 9 man TTT in every criterium of every stage race in the US.

The criterium wasn’t easy though. The course is hard and technical enough that there is carnage at the back of the field even when it was steady at the front. There were less than 30 guys left at the end out of 130 starters. I moved up to 35 overall because of the attrition. $100 prize money. That works out to about .0001 cents for every brain cell I lost in the past 3 days. Pretty good value really.

Hopefully, during the next two weeks, things will turn around. I’ve been off antibiotics for almost a week now. And allergies usually subside somewhere around the first of June. My favorite races of the season are nearly here with Quad Cities Memorial Day Weekend, Tulsa Tough and then Nature Valley Gran Prix. I might go down to Austin for a one day/night Criterium in the first of June. That is always a good time.

In the mean time, the Giro and Floyd’s hearing should be interesting to follow at least.