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24 Hour Update

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There is only a couple hours left in the 24 Hour of Old Pueblo.   I’ve been following the results on and off.  Vincent, Jed and Company had some physical issues, so they decided health was more important than playing in the desert.

Seems like Lance’s team is slowing moving up to my predicted 2nd place finish in their 4 man team category.   They are 4 minutes back of 2nd now, but there is a team of singlespeed guys beating them.  They don’t have a chance to win.

The “Nine Inch Males” team of Kalan Beisel, Kyle Trudeau and friends is smearing everyone.  I know Kalan and rode with Kyle a couple years ago at the race.  They are both hauling ass and aren’t going to lose their two lap lead. (It is about an hour a lap.)

I guess it has been pretty wet there.  And not that warm.  Sounds miserable, but I still wish I was there, either riding or just enjoying.  Next year for sure.

Okay, the live results are here still.  

Jed and Vincent before the start. Jed is in the hospital currently.

The official race starter.



Little Sick, But that’s Okay

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I have feeling like I’m sick for a couple days now.  I’m not sure if it is from flying or from hanging out at doctor’s offices.  Or from something else.  Bill is sick too, so maybe that is the deal.  It is February and it isn’t unexpected.

It has been nice in Kansas weatherwise.  Not today though.  Or yesterday, really.  It was supposed to be 63, but it was only 40 by the time I got out and it dropped from there.  Today the high is 30, windy and a winter mix of precipitation.  Ouch.

I went to a doctor yesterday that specializes in dizziness.  He was good.  His name is Dr. McKnight.  He was a doctor like doctors of old.  Took lots of time to talk to me.  Asked me the right questions, I think, then explained the results of the battery of tests I took.

It gave me hope.  Not really hope, but made me feel more confident in coming out of this TBI (traumatic brain injury) less scathed that could be the case.

I did a lot of balance tests.  Some wearing goggles that recorded my eye movements, and some with complete darkness.  I was pretty stellar when my eyes were open.  In the 98% range, which he said you can’t score any higher because the earth is spinning.   I don’t know about that statement, but I felt pretty stable.

I wasn’t as stable doing the same balancing with no sight.  Only in the 80% range.  Still not bad, but I know I have less balance here than before cracking my skull.

So need to do some vestibulo-ocular reflex exercises to help my brain compensate with the balance issues.  I’m going back on Friday, my birthday, to see his guy that will give me some exercises to do at home to help.

He also said that I have loose crystals in my ear canals still, BPPV, which causes dizziness too. Loose crystals in liquid that throws off equilibrium.  That is a supposed easy fix, but I haven’t had that great of luck with it so far.  He did it again and I guess I’ll see if that worked.

So, that is good.  I haven’t had any dizziness issues recently riding.  Actually, only twice since I have been riding outside, have I even felt anything.  Both times it was just for a second or two and not bad.  That was awhile ago.

I’m going to KU Medical on Monday so see my neurology rehab doctor.  She is great and I am looking forward to seeing her.  I haven’t been there in 6 weeks now.

I am really lucky that I’ve had really good doctors that take time and seem truly interested in my health.  I don’t think that is the norm so much nowadays in medicine.

Anyway, I have a head cold now and feel pretty crummy, but it is sort of funny, because before this head injury, I would have been pretty depressed about being sick.  It is just a flesh wound, not even that, now, compared to what I went through the past 3+ months.  I guess that is one upside to being really bad off for abit.

Tucker has no balance issues. He’ll stay like this forever, or at least until I tell him it is alright to go run.

Release the hounds.

He loves swimming. Even if it is freezing out, if he can find water, he is in it.

He’s an exhibitionist at night, usually.



Wout Van Aert’s Motorized World Cup Bike?

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I saw the video below on Facebook.  It was a from a corner at the World Cup today in Italy of Wout Van Aert running a technical section of the race.  The video is short and it initially looks like the his rear wheel accelerates on its own when it leaves the ground.

Obviously, the left pedal hits the ground and the crank rotates 1/4 of a revolution.  Is that enough to accelerate the wheel so quickly?

There have been something like 70000 views at the Facebook page.  Lots of the comments are in Spanish, but there are over 400 of them.  Plus, 530 people have shared the post.

To me, it doesn’t look like it is an issue, but if you don’t pay attention, or don’t watch the video more than once, it is easy to think the bike has a motor.  The way the dude rides many times, you’d think he has a motor.

You decide for yourself.


Winter Weather

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Kansas has pretty great winter weather, usually.  Of course it can be what a person thinks as winter.  Lots of snow and freezing temperatures.  But also there are days that are spring-like.

Today is one of those days.  It is supposed to be 61 degrees this afternoon.  The average high temperatures in January is nearly 38 degrees, so it really isn’t like North Dakota here, normally. And the summers aren’t like Texas or Arizona either.

Anyway, 61 degrees is enough to get me out on my bike.  I’ve been taking it pretty gingerly the past couple weeks.  I’m not going to do anything that gives me a headache.  Like in the real sense of a headache.  That being said, it is going to be 3 months in a few days, since I fractured my skull, and when I exercise, I feel the best, so that is what I’m going to do.

Yesterday I did some auto repair.  Auto repair is more challenging than riding, as of now.  I put on new leaf spring bushings on the AWD minivan.   The first one took an hour.  The second about 15 minutes.  That is how it goes fixing cars.  Once you know how to do it correctly, it is a lot easier.

Okay, spring is here for one day.  Then the temperatures are going to plummet 40 degrees or so.  That is normal for Kansas too.  That means back to the trainer.

I’ve already ridden the trainer more the past month that I would normally in a five year period. And more to come I suppose.    Not such a bad thing, just a thing.  I say that, but I am really looking forward to some wind and scenic views.

Sunset last night. It was pretty great.


Cyclocross Nationals – Live Streaming

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Cyclocross Nationals has been going on all week.  I haven’t been there, but from the photos and videos I’ve seen of the previous races, the course is ever changing and technical.  Mud that has turned to snow is now the course.  Right now it is 8 degrees in Hartford, with a high at 3 o’clock of 22.  So, the course is going to stay mostly frozen, depending on how sunny it is.  There might be a certain amount of thin, wet mud where it gets direct sunlight.  Not good for the cleats if this is on a south facing runup.

The schedule today is as follows –

9 a.m. – Junior men 17-18
10 a.m. – U23 women
11:30 a.m. – U23 men
1:15 p.m. – Elite women
3 p.m. – Elite men

I don’t really have any for sure predictions for the results of the Elite races today, since I haven’t been there and seen the course.  I’m sure it is going to be the usual suspects fighting for the jerseys.

I don’t see Katie Compton not winning her 13th straight Nationals Championship, but 13 isn’t a very lucky number.  Even with that, I think she will win.

I’m hoping the best for Amanda Miller. She had put a lot of effort into this season and her results show that.  If the course is right, and the stars were aligned just right, she has a chance to add to her Fatbike National jersey from a couple years ago.  This would be special.

The men’s race, well, depends too.  Of course J-Pow and Stephen Hyde.  They will both be riding at the front if things go good for them.  It is hard imaging a different result than one of them, but it is cross and the course might dictate a different result. Should be a great race to watch. (Thanks to a comment from my friend, Bill Elliston, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Jonathan Page as a contender for the win.  When it is tricky, he excels.)

The live streaming begins a tad before 9 am, east coast time.  I’ll post the video here as soon as they start streaming.    It’s an all day affair.   If you want to watch some of the other Nationals in Europe, click here for the links.   Enjoy.




Craziness, Nature and on the Move

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I can’t even listen to NPR or check out the news nowadays.  This stupid stuff that Donald Trump is tweeting is ridiculous for someone that isn’t a president yet.  And it would be worse for someone that is.   Why would someone in his position tweet, in 140 characters, that we need to “strengthen and expand” our nuclear arsenal?   I think we have a limit of 1550 strategic weapons now. Seems like enough to get rid of nearly all the people on the planet already.   I think he doesn’t understand the job.  Our new world.  We picked him.

I haven’t been riding the trainer, or outside, since Arizona.  I haven’t been feeling so  well. Actually, I’m just sick.  When I got back, Kris was sick, which means normally, I was going to get sick.  But being sick is secondary to all the other stuff, so it seems sort of minor.  Head cold symptoms don’t seem so bad compared to a TBI.  Weird how that is.

Tucker loves it cold.  He can’t run enough.  And he likes the snow.  We’ve been taking him to a park nearby and he goes crazy.  I like walking.  It seems to be replacing riding, sort of.  I don’t want to make that the norm, but it is a nice change.  The geese are migrating south and now that it is officially winter, it all seem normal.

We driving up to Chicago today for Christmas.  I’m a little apprehensive about spending 10 hours in a car, but it should be okay hopefully.  It is supposed to start raining in a hour or less, so that means snow in Iowa and Illinois.  It is what it is.

Okay, I need to pack some still.  Hope you are having a stress free pre-holiday.

Enough said.


I love geese. Especially when they are flying.

Someone built this at the park. It looks so primal.

I know who made all three of these melted tracks.

Tucker was bummed the snow was melting. He can’t get enough of it.