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Peter Sagan – Ass Grabber

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Peter Sagan resorted to ass grabbing, after getting his ass handed to him/spanked by Fabian Cancellara at the Tour of Flanders yesterday. I happened upon the uproar of this all and thought it was just a childish joke by a guy that obviously like to showboat. But, after looking at some of the photos and finding the picture below of his taste of t-shirts, I’d have to say that the dude wasn’t raised correctly. The only excuse I could come up with for his shirt statement would be that he can’t read English, but that is very doubtful.

Seriously, he made a huge mistake here on the podium. He should, and does know better. He is young and flamboyant, but this way steps over the line. Unless, by chance, Peter and the blonde podium girl the bestest of friends, and even then it doesn’t work because it is super disrespectful to Fabian Cancellara. The kid isn’t really just a kid, 23 years old, so I have to chalk this up to just a real bad mistake. Hopefully he learns from it, knocks off the buffoonery and polishes up his off the bike antics.

He face shows it all.

He face shows it all.

Actual contact was made.

Actual contact was made.

I wonder what he thought waking up and putting on this shirt?

I wonder what he thought waking up and putting on this shirt?

Why Is No One Climbing Trees Anymore

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A big reason I decided to do this shoulder surgery has nothing to do with bike racing. It was that there are a lot of things to do in life that are impossible to do if you can’t lift your right arm above your shoulder. One of those is climbing trees.

The last time I saw anyone in a tree is three or four years ago in Lake Geneva, Wis., during Tour of America’s Dairyland. The kid looked just like me and my friends did when we were young. Skinny, as in concentration camp shinny, a little sunburned and barefoot.

I can’t decide why kids aren’t in trees now. They must have the same inquisitive nature and want to get up in them. I think it must be the parents that have decided that it is too dangerous. Maybe their parents didn’t climb trees?

I can’t say I’ve know anyone that has died from climbing trees. I’m not saying it can’t be dangerous. I fell out of trees multiple times. I’ve actually had organs removed because of it. And broken bones. But, I was the exception in my area. I can’t remember anyone else in my block every getting hurt falling out of a tree. Not hurt enough to go to the emergency room. And all of us climbed trees everyday pretty much.

This climbing tree thing is reflective in a lot of things our society has deemed unacceptable for our kids. Playing outside is nearly in that category now. It is some places. This generation of parents seem to think that our children are in more danger than the previous generation of parents. At least they are more attentive, which translates into more restrictive. I couldn’t tell you if that works. To me, as an outside observer, it seems like the kids are getting much less “kid experience”. Here is an article addressing our children not doing things.

Our adults are blaming video games, computers and fast food as the reasons that our children are fat. Maybe we should blame ourselved, the adults, for being so overly protective and selfish, that we don’t allow our children to learn about what is right and wrong, unmonitored by us, the adults. Some of the most important things that I learned didn’t come from an adult lecturing me about it. I learned it by personal experience, by myself or with a bunch of friends.

Maybe I’m just getting old, but on Easter Sunday, it was a delight seeing families outside, having picnics and playing outside games. It was probably more because it was close to 70 degrees, than because it was Easter, but whatever the reason, it was nice seeing people outside doing stuff. I hate to think that we need a religious holiday to encourage us all to do what we should be doing on our own.

Anyway, I plan to climb more trees this year when my shoulder get better. Barefoot.


2013 Scheldeprijs

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1 Marcel Kittel (Ger) Argos-Shimano
2 Mark Cavendish (GBr) Omega Pharma Quick Step
3 Barry Markus (Ned) Vacansoleil-DCM
4 Andrea Guardini (Ita) Astana
5 Alexander Kristoff (Nor) Team Katusha
6 Tyler Farrar (USA) Garmin-Sharp
7 Kenny Dehaes (Bel) Lotto Belisol
8 Theo Bos (Ned) Team Blanco
9 Romain Feillu (Fra) Vacansoleil-DCM
10 Michael Van Staeyen (Bel) Topsport Vlaanderen – Baloise


What’s Good for You and What’s Not

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Yesterday at PT I started “lifting weights”. I was doing bicep curls with a 3 lb weight. Yep, that is right, a 3 pound weight. If you would have told me 2 months ago I would be struggling to do 10 reps with 3 pounds I would have told you that you are crazy. This whole thing has got me thinking about what really works for athletes and what is just a fad.

It is so weird how names go around. You used to do circuit training for weights. The reps would change and the actual exercises never seemed to be constant either. Then it turned into strength training and then training for your core. People never seem to be happy with the name of exercise, so it is always changing, but doing pretty much the same thing.

The same with stretching. No one wants to just stretch, but Pilates was great, then yoga took over from that. Everyone is looking for the new and greatest. Can you imagine doing a jazzercise class now to compliment your cycling?

I’ve taken a ton of vitamins and supplements during my lifetime. I never really could tell exactly what actually “worked” and what was placebo.

When I first started racing, I became a complete vegetarian, mainly because the best rider I knew, Bill Nicholson, was a vegetarian. I didn’t eat any meat for years. But, I took a handful of vitamins that Bill was taking. I can’t remember them all, but some were-vitamin E, vitamin C, pantothenic acid, calcium-magnesium-zinc, lethicin, plus others. I can’t really tell you what most of them were for now, but I swore by them back then.

One year I rode the Tour of Baja and got a bad case of Montezuma’s Revenge. I flew to the East coast with Andy Hampsten. Andy was heading back to Europe and I was going to Columbia to do the RCN. Andy told me that if I only ate garlic and blue cheese for a couple days, nothing else, my stomach problems would be over. So, I was holed up in a hotel room in Atlanta, waiting to flew to Bogata, and eating only those two things. Whenever I left the room and then came back, like after a ride, I couldn’t believe how terrible the room smelled. I was so embarrassed thinking what the house keepers must be thinking when they came in to clean. The strange thing is that after I was in the room a few minutes, it just smelled normal. And the funny thing is that it worked. I felt great afterwards.

I take a couple things now. Fish oil and D3. I’ve been taking the baby aspirin once a day ever since I got that blood clot from crashing last year. Other than that nothing.

One thing I do now that contradicts all this is colostrum. (It’s bovine colostrum, not human.) Catherine got me into using it when I just start to feel sick. Her mother had been diagnosed with a rare cancer and has been fighting it only with colostrum. She is super healthy and vibrant when the prognosis for her situation is less than desirable. I have to admit that I have been ill much less than normal.

I guess we’re all looking for the edge as athletes. We go through fads and try new things to try to improve our health and physical abilities to ride our bikes faster. One thing that I know works is riding your bike a bunch. And riding bikes fast, like race fast seems to make me a faster bike racer. I’m glad that works for me and I don’t have to travel to Tenerife to train and do climbing intervals for months.

Nearly a meal in itself.

Nearly a meal in itself.



I'd rather just eat stuff like this.

I’d rather just eat stuff like this.

I've been taking this anytime I start to feel sick and it seems to work.

I’ve been taking this anytime I start to feel sick and it seems to work.

Lance – Mountain Climber?

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I saw this article at Cyclingnews saying that Lance had entered a Region Masters Swim Championship in Austin this weekend. It irked me that the executive director of USMS, Rob Butcher, issued this statement – “Our mission, dating back to the 60s, is we encourage adults to swim. Lance is a member of USMS so he is eligible to swim.”

It irked me enough that I decided to send an email off to Rob to tell him how short sighted and ignorant that statement was. And how bad a message their decision on this was on so many levels.

Rob was kind enough to send me back this statement, which is the official statement of United States Masters Swimming –

Lance Armstrong Eligibility

Sarasota, Fla. April 4, 2013—Lance Armstrong is not eligible to race in U.S. Masters Swimming competitions.

The former competitive cyclist has been a member of U.S. Masters Swimming for several years. The spirit and purpose of USMS is to encourage adults to swim.

USMS is affiliated with FINA (Federation Internationale de Natacion) through United States Aquatic Sports.

When we became aware that Mr. Armstrong entered the 2013 South Central Zone Championship in Austin, Texas, April 5–7, a local event sanctioned by USMS, we contacted United States Aquatic Sports and FINA to clarify our responsibilities in this case. The event in question is conducted in a 25-yard pool, a non-Olympic course not contested on the international stage.

After discussion with United States Aquatic Sports and FINA, it was agreed that although Mr. Armstrong is eligible for membership in U.S. Masters Swimming, he is not currently eligible to compete in sanctioned swimming competitions, regardless of the type of course.

The World Anti-Doping Agency has banned Mr. Armstrong from competition. FINA accepts the WADA Code and USMS, as a member of United States Aquatic Sports, recognizes and respects adjudications under the Code.

… Rob

I’m glad that they came to their senses and made the right decision.

It’s not like I have any sort of grudge towards Lance. If anything, I feel pretty bad for him. Man, his desire to compete competitively in virtually any endurance race or sport, seems unreal. But, he does have a lifetime ban by a sporting body and when that is in place, then the rest of sport needs to hold united and honor that sanction.

I have to admit, it seems sort of unfair that some of these other guys that testified “against” Lance, did their 6 month chair-in-the-corner stint, and are racing in Europe on Pro Tour Teams. As Lance said in his Oprah deal, he made an error on when and how to “come clean” and now it is costing him big time.

I think that Lance either needs to figure out a way to make a deal with USADA and reduce his suspension time or figure out a way personally deal with not being able to test himself through athletic competition.

Lance needs to take up a sport that he doesn’t need a license or permission to compete. Something that is challenging and hard, on an endurance level, but is more man against himself and nature. I’m sure there are other things that fit these parameters, but mountain climbing comes to mind here. I mean sans bike here, like walking up mountains. It might be something that Lance could do to rid himself of some of his competitive desires. But, it’s just a suggestion. I do know that he needs to stay away from pretty much all sports where people compete against other people. Those are the ones he has a lifetime ban.

I wonder if Lance ever told Dave Weins he was sorry for beating him by 25 minutes at Leadville?

I wonder if Lance ever told Dave Weins he was sorry for beating him by 25 minutes at Leadville?

If he really got into the sport of mountain climbing and wanted to write a book, this title is already taken.

If he really got into the sport of mountain climbing and wanted to write a book, this title is already taken.

Ditched the Burning for Abit

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I decided to fly out to California and get out of the smoke of eastern Kansas for just a little while. It seems like maybe we could be past the time this should be allowed. I hope the EPA is looking at the situation, because when the paper starts running articles about how bad the smoke is to normal people, it seems like people’s health should be protected before fat cattle.

That is just one reason anyway. I have some other stuff to do out here. And riding up and down the coast is nearly perfect for my condition right now. Climbing is sort of a chore, especially short climbs that I’d normally do out of my seat. I did feel pretty good riding nearly 400 miles last week, but think that I might have be a little rambunctious and am a little beat. It might of just been the smoke on Thursday, I don’t know, but I wasn’t that peppy.

I have been pretty stuffed up and feeling kind of weird, but hopefully that will pass. I am beginning to realize that this shoulder healing process is much longer than I anticipated. PT is going super slowly. I have a bunch of exercises I’m supposed to out here since I’m missing a couple sessions. It is going to be hard to push myself through that couple degrees of pain during each movement, but don’t worry Burt, I’m going to be diligent.

Okay, daylight is burning here. I’m anxious to get out on my bike. No Strava segment attempt down Via Capri for me this trip. That is a recipe for disaster, maybe even when I’m not hurt.

This was how it looked in about every direction you would look on Thursday.

This was how it looked in about every direction you would look on Thursday.

Article in the Topeka paper about the hazards of burning.  Click twice to enlarge.

Article in the Topeka paper about the hazards of burning. Click twice to enlarge.

The new deck at Don and Sue's is just about done.

The new deck at Don and Sue’s is just about done.

This was on my phone when I got here.  Great, trading smoke for bad pollen.

This was on my phone when I got here. Great, trading smoke for bad pollen.

I'm going to do a whole post on this, but this is just a teaser.  This bill was for one day at the Vail hospital.

I’m going to do a whole post on this, but this is just a teaser. This bill was for one day at the Vail hospital.