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Busy Already

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Here are some photos of the walking around already this morning in Vail. Trudi said that on Independence Pass yesterday, the crowds were like the Tour de France. That was surprising to me. I guess there are going to be a ton of people here if it is already this crowded 5 hours before the race. Trudi called and the BMC guys just pulled into town, so I’m going to get dressed to ride and mosey over that way.

I put this picture on my website a couple months ago. This time someone is breaking the rules.

Working the race is obviously nearly as hard as riding the event.

A big Cadel advertising the rematch of the Tour podium.

The merchandising areas are crazy crowded.

Vail TT Today

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Today is the TT for the Pro Challenge. All the teams stayed in Aspen last night and are driving to Vail this morning. That seemed like pretty bad planning. I would have drove here after the race last night so the riders could wake up normal and then ride the course on their own time late this morning, but that is just me. Obviously the race today is going to make a big dent in the overall GC.

It was nice from Trudi that George won the stage yesterday. She got a bunch of TV time. She said that the riders were freezing at the finish, which the support didn’t really expect. I guess descending Independence Pass wet does that to you.

Yesterday Dennis and I decided to just ride. We went around Lake Dillion and up Swain Mountain Road and then to Breckenridge. We got some coffee in Breck and then skirted storms all day to get back to Silverthorne just a little wet.

Today is going to get away from me I can already tell. There is a Coor’s Classic Reunion going on here starting early this evening. If I watch the whole race, there isn’t going to be hardly anytime left to do anything else. I guess that is the definition of a full day.

Here’s so photos from yesterday.

Dennis climbing up Swan Mountain path.

Looking back towards Lake Dillon from the climb.

Dennis climbing up Swan Mountain path.

Here's a sign in Breckenridge saying to stay off the grass. Notice the bike rack on the grass behind.

I saw this at the Pearlizumi store yesterday. What is it?

Bromont ran around in the mountains for hours yesterday. This GPS is a mental relief.

Rode to Vail

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Yesterday was a great day to be on a bike. I rode from Silverthorne over to Vail. I came back around Lake Dillion to make it a little over 4 hours. I was surprised, pleasantly, that I felt alright at altitude. I had a 19 mph average, which seems really quick considering I had to go over Vail Pass each direction.

The town of Vail has exploded since the Coor’s Classic days. I can’t believe they can build so many more buildings on top of where there were already buildings. They did a really nice job of keeping the mountain atmosphere though. It is a very nice place.

Tomorrow is the time trial up to Vail Pass in the Pro Challenge. If the wind is anything like it was yesterday, the times are going to be super fast. The TT is 10 miles, but only 1/2 of it is climbing. And not that steep. I was cruising on the frontage road at 25mph and the climb seemed pretty easy too with so much wind at my back.

Dennis Kruse, from Cable, just drove over this morning. He’s been staying in Steamboat with Kent Eriksen. I think we’re going to drive over to Leadville and ride up Independence Pass to watch the race today, but it’s up to Dennis. I don’t mind watching bike races, but I figure I have 4 days of bike race spectating ahead, so I’m not that big on extending that streak to 5, especially if I have to drive to ride. I’m not big at all, driving to ride my bike.

Heading towards Vail at the top of Vail Pass.

Looking down at Vail from the TT course.

Vail has exploded with high end hotels and condos.

Hawkeye must of been a little short of water after the drive.

Dennis has a pretty nice setup in his van. Bikes and bed.

Tour of Spain

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Tour of Spain Stage 5 Results-

1. Joaquin RODRIGUEZ OLIVER, (ESP) Team Katusha, in 4:42:54
2. Wouter POELS, (NED) Vacansoleil-Dcm, at 4
3. Daniel MORENO FERNANDEZ, (ESP) Team Katusha, at 5
4. Bauke MOLLEMA, (NED) Rabobank Cycling Team, at 7
5. Michele SCARPONI, (ITA) Lampre-Isd, at 8
6. Haimar ZUBELDIA AGIRRE, (ESP) Team RadioShack, at 8
7. Jakob FUGLSANG, (DEN) Leopard-Trek, at 8
8. Nicolas ROCHE, (IRL) Ag2r La Mondiale, at 8
9. Jurgen VAN DEN BROECK, (BEL) Omega Pharma-Lotto, at 8
10. Fredrik KESSIAKOFF, (SWE) Astana, at 8
11. Vincenzo NIBALI, (ITA) Liquigas-Cannondale, at 11
12. Sergio PARDILLA BELLON, (ESP) Movistar, at 11
13. Mikel NIEVE ITURALDE, (ESP) Euskaltel-Euskadi, at 11
14. Denis MENCHOV, (RUS) Geox-Tmc, at 11
15. Jan BAKELANTS, (BEL) Omega Pharma-Lotto, at 11
16. Luis Leon SANCHEZ GIL, (ESP) Rabobank Cycling Team, at 11
17. Steven KRUIJSWIJK, (NED) Rabobank Cycling Team, at 17
18. Chris SÖRENSEN, (DEN) Saxobank-Sungard, at 20
19. Janez BRAJKOVIC, (SLO) Team RadioShack, at 20
20. Bradley WIGGINS, (GBR) Team Sky, at 20

One Million Views

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Sometime in the next week or so, I’m going to have the millionth view of this website. I’m not sure what to think about that. Sometimes it seems like a crazy number, but then when you put it in perspective to the whole scheme of things, it seems piddly. Anyway, it is kind of strange being “connected” to so many people this way. Kind of seems weird and comforting simultaneously, if that makes any sense. Anyway, it’s fun. But, not as fun as riding, so I’d better get riding with no oxygen. Think I’ll head up Vail Pass.

In Colorado – Photo Mélange

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I’m sitting in Colorado. Yesterday seemed kind of long for some reason. I don’t think it was the 600 mile drive, but maybe so. I had planned on going to Colorado Springs to let Trudi see Bromont, but she kind of blew me off, which was fine, but not really in her personality. She is pretty busy and had to do an interview for an article on massage and cycling. So, I drove to Kittredge Colorado to see the new cabin of some of my oldest/best friends from Topeka, Mike and Judy Hudson. I hung there until 10 or so and then headed up to Summit County.

How about Mark Cavendish quitting the Tour of Spain today. He only made it 3 stages. So much for using that for World’s preparation.

I woke up today and my right foot is seized for some reason. A super ache in the arch of my foot. I’m kind of limping around. Not sure what that is all about. Anyway, below are some photos from the last couple days.

This is Larry Gill, a friend from way back. We were riding through Burlingame on Sunday and they were having an old automobile show and I see Larry with his 1950's Harley. This is his alter ego state.

I saw this women and her dog at Petsmart. The bone is just the right size. I asked her if the dog ate her out of house and home, but she said that the bag of food she has will last over a month. The dog eats about a cup a dog. Bromont would eat that in a week and still be stupid skinny.

I got the transmission fluid flushed yesterday morning before I left. This is the sticker on a 4WD pickup. 60K. Stupid.

I saw this guy's bike parked while leaving town. He is riding 7400 miles for some cause.

Sunset drivng up the canyon towards Kittredge.

Mike trying to fit the part of mountain man.

Mike and Judy's grand daughter, Delilah. She is a handful, but super cute.

The foundation of their 100 year old house. Crazy primitive, but effective.

Trudi at the finish with Cadel after the TT yesterday. She juggling a bunch of phones. I guess Brent Bookwalter had already gone back to the hotel, but they were calling for 3 for the podium, so she was trying to round him up.

Everyone Against the Colombians at the Pro Challenge?

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I was thinking about how I thought the Pro Challenge is going to play out this week and I’ve come to the conclusion that eventually it is going to be all the European Pros against the Colombians.

I’ve seen it happen before when all the Pro teams used to gang up on the Russians before the Iron Curtain came down. I’m pretty sure that the Pro guys from Europe aren’t going to appreciate the agressive, go-from-the-gun style that the Colombian riders employ.

So, eventually they will ban together so one of their own wins. With two Columbian teams in the race, it might be harder than you’d think. It will be very interesting to observe.