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Catching Up Hopefully?

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We didn’t get done racing until early evening yesterday. Then the 450 mile drive back. So, I have about 4 hours sleep now. I am going to the airport this morning to pick up Trudi. She’s been in Greenville at the US Pro Road Championships and has a few weeks off before the Tour. I’ll catch up on the weekend this afternoon hopefully. Lots of stuff to write about. Getting dropped out of a 20 man “break” when not even winded. Getting nearly strip searched and having to submit to a breathalyzer when I was told upfront that I wasn’t getting a ticket. Staying the whole weekend with someone with walking pneumonia and another guy super sick. Boy, so much excitement I can hardly wait to do it myself.

Sunset through the van window driving home in Iowa.

Snake Alley Morning

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We missed the road race yesterday. Lots of reasons, but just couldn’t make it to the new start time at 2:30 with the whole gang. Josh Carter, AeroCat and Midwest local, won the 102 mile race out of a 4 rider break.

I would definitely throw my chip back in this morning if I had the opportunity. Hopefully, I am just all stuffy from sleeping at a hotel with a pool in the atrium. We stayed in a Howard Johnson’s last night. It is a blast from the past. Pool, cement putt-putt course, all of it. But everything smells mildewy. I’m either sick or super bad allergies.

I worked on the AC on my vans all day Thursday. Now my hamstrings are super sore to the touch. I’m not that worried about that. I’ve had that problem before and it doesn’t seem to affect my riding, it is just painful.

Bromont has a schedule on race days, staying at hotels. He knows he gets to go out and “hunt” first thing in the morning, so he is always fidgety at sunrise. He is a good dog, but usually gets his way.

So, rain is forecast. I don’t know how I feel about that. Usually that would be good for me on a course like Snake Alley. A brick, steep climb with a super fast, technical descent. We’ll see. I’d rather just race it dry today really. But, it is what it is.

Vacuuming the AC on the AWD van.

We took a new route to Burlington, through Northern Missouri. Nice change. Half the enjoyment of going to races is the traveling through new areas.

The atrium at the HoJo's. Plastic flowers, golf, pool, bar, etc.

Bromont alert for anything moving.

Weather here.

Photo from Greenville at the Pro TT Championships. Brent Bookwalter on the trainer.

Shear Joy

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I am behind, trying to pack up and head up to race at Burlington, Iowa this weekend. So I thought that I’d just post this photo of Jack Thomas, the son of Jay Thomas, czar of Trek Stores Midwest. Jack is on a new bike and is showing the excitement that invokes. (Jack put in over 20 miles that day, plus racing.) The policeman seems to be having a pretty great time too. Hopefully everyone one of us has one of these moments this Memorial Day Weekend.