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Blood Test Results

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Man, can you get a full day in when the day starts before 4 am. I really enjoyed watching the Cyclo-X Worlds Live though. The feed on the men’s race was frustrating for a little while, but it was only down for a few minutes total here.

After the race, I was going out to get some coffee and drove by the Blood Donation Center and stopped. I really stopped just to ask them what my blood type was. We were having a discussion over dinner a while back and I said I had no idea. Everyone thought that was stupid. I figure it is valueless knowing because in this day and age, they will always type you before they give you any blood. But, I was curious. It turned out to be AB+, which means I can accept blood from nearly anyone. I guess that is a good thing to know.

Anyway, they talked me into donating once I was there. They really didn’t have to talk me into it. I’ve read a little on the subject and it is actually good for you to donate blood, at least annually. There are lots of benefits. One study says it reduces the chances of heart attacks in men up to 50%. Athletically, it stimulates your body into producing new red cells, which we can all use of course. And also, Andreas Knickman is having a blood drive in LA on Feb. 3rd. I’m not going to be out there for that, so I thought I do it here in his name. It is so easy and takes no time at all.

I’ve donated blood 3 times in the last couple years and have felt great riding every time afterward the following weeks. You’d think it would be opposite. Less red cells, less ability to carry oxygen, ride slower. But, that hasn’t been my experience.

I got an early season blood test done a couple days ago too. So, to be totally transparent, here they are. If you want to get one of your own, it is super cheap, just ordering them off the internet, at EconoLabs. $19 for a CBC. They use LabCorp, which are located all over the country. I’m not sure why I keep getting these. It’s not like I have anyway to change it. I am nearly over the 50% hematocritthreshold. That is pretty high considering I haven’t been to altitude for a month. My hematocrit has always been pretty high, but this is on the high side for me. I’m not sure what that is all about, but I can’t complain.

Click twice on it to enlarge.

Good cause if you are in the area.

Blood going out again. I wonder how much better I'd ride if it was going in? I'll never know.

Men’s Race Photos from Cyclo-X Worlds

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I said yesterday I would be mildly surprised if a Belgian didn’t win today. I’m not now. Stybar made that look easy. It was a super unlucky day for the American men. Jonathan Page riding in the front group, having the race of the year and has a super bad mechanical. Tim Johnson hurt and carted away. Page finishing 12th and Powers 16th is pretty good historically, but I know neither of them are happy with those finishes.

Here are some more photos that Trudi took today at the race.

Nys early.

Enormous crowds.

Pretty steep descent.

Stybar close up.

Stybar on his way to back to back World Championship titles.

Cyclo-X Worlds Photos Women’s Race

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Now that I’m up, I guess I might as well stay up. The women’s race was pretty exciting. I’m not sure Katie Compton could have done much to stop that result. Vos rode pretty great the last lap and is a deserving Champion today. The ground is a lot slicker than it looks on the computer screen. It’s frozen. Here are some photos from the event courtesy of Trudi.

World Cyclo-X Championships St. Wendel, Germany Live Tomorrow Morning – Links

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The World Championships are in St. Wendel tomorrow morning. There are lots of choices for viewing the races live. The only problem is that it is really early. Like 4 am (CST) early for the women’s race, which KFC (Katie Fuckin’ Compton) should finally win. The men’s race doesn’t start until 7 am midwest time. Great. From watching the races this morning, the women’s race is probably going to be pretty slick and then it might get a bit muddier for the men’s race later in the afternoon.

Trudi just finished the BMC camp in Valencia and is driving a team car back up to Belgium before heading off to Qatar. She decided to take a small deviation out of the way and go watch the race live. I think she is driving until 2 am this morning to make it up to Germany tonight. I maybe should have just stayed the extra week in Europe, but all I wanted to do was leave, so that is what I did. Maybe that wasn’t the best decision, but you know how that goes.

So, here are the links in case I don’t get up for the early races. You can watch it on Belgium TV at this website. Or has links to watch it too. I don’t think there is commentary in English. You’ll probably have to listen to Dutch or Flemish, but that is cool.

It should be a good race. It would be great to see Tim Johnson and/or Jeromy Powers (here’s a link to an good interview with him before the race) anywhere in the top 15. I’m hoping Nys wins, but thinking Albert. I’d be mildly shocked if it wasn’t a Belgian standing on the top of the podium when all is said and done. But, it is a race.

Weather Reprieve/Kansas’ Birthday

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Kansas got a reprieve of the winter weather the last couple days. It was over 50 yesterday and is supposed to be nearly 45 today. Then back into the 20’s and less. It’s supposed to snow 8 inches again on Tuesday. We going out for a long ride today at our house at noon. I assume I’m going to be on the front most, if not all the day. That’s okay.

Anyone watch the junior or U23 Cyclo-X Worlds this morning? The last lap of the U23 race was pretty great. This early morning curse from jet lag finally paid off this morning. Tomorrow the racing starts at the wee hours tomorrow morning. I’ll post links later.

Today is Kansas Day. It’s an important one. Kansas has been a state 150 years today. It is weird to think that I’ve been alive nearly 1/3 the time that the State of Kansas has been a state. It is kind of disconcerting.

On top of all that, KU plays K-State tonight at KU in basketball. It’s only fitting that the big instate rivalry in NCAA basketball takes place tonight on Kansas’ birthday.


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I’ve been breathing a lot of it. Salt that is. Maybe my memory is bad, but I don’t remember having much of a problem with breathing salt dust in the winters past. That isn’t the case the last few days. It is a problem. I rode 4 hours today and I still have a drippy, scratchy throat 5 hours later. I’m pretty positive the whole process is not that great for your health.

I’ve been flushing my sinuses with those sinus rinse things after the ride. And go figure, most of the contents of those packages is salt. So, I’m washing salt out of my sinuses with salt. Kind of counterintuitive .

I’ve been trying to put a bunch more salt on my food recently too. The BMC nutritionist said that endurance athletes should be consuming just about as much salt as they can stomach. Since I have never salted any food before, I probably wasn’t getting enough. I’m going to be seeing if that helps the cramping issues I’ve had historically.

And, I watched the movie Salt recently. Could all this be a coincidence?

Anyway, unless it rains pretty soon, I don’t see a way not to encounter dusk clouds of salt on all the road rides. My lips are that happy about the situation either. Any ideas out there? I don’t have any except going somewhere else to ride.

Edible organic salt.

Salt mine in Texas.

Angelina Jolie as Salt.