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1/2 The Riders at The Tour of Spain Positive???

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Okay. David Garcia just got popped for EPO and some kind of starch thing. It strikes me that if you took all the guys that they tested in Spain, that a super high percentage are turning up positive. This is a joke.

Now Alberto Contador says he’s done talking until the UCI decides if they are going to sanction him. I think he should have used that tactic before he started talking in the first place. It took him a couple months to come up with the contaminated meat scenario. And it only took him a week to use the “not talking stance” after the reports of plastic in his pee. That is pretty hard to explain I guess. At least Alberto is learning from his mistakes.

And then there is Bernard Kohl coming over to the US to talk to USADA. He says you can’t win the Tour de France without doping. I hate to say it, but I believe him. And it’s been that case for a long while.

So, what do we do about it. I thought the jail time scare might get some of these guys on the straight and narrow. It hasn’t seemed to work. No one is spending anytime in jail and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down the usage. What ever happened to the riders having to pay back a years salary? That never happened either.

So, the risk/reward ratio is still skewed towards the risk. The current rewards for the doping outweighs the risks by miles. It’s not even close. So, the risks have to be increased to match the rewards. And that still won’t stop the problem completely. But it’s a start.

We need a new plan. So, my new plan would be – if you’re using EPO, steroids, HGH or all these other super drugs, then when you’re caught, you don’t get to race bicycles anymore. Ever. And all your results from your lifetime are forfeited too. All the way back to when you were a junior or whenever you started racing. Plus, you have to pay back your lifetime earnings in the sport. This would essentially make anyone caught of a major doping violation go into bankruptcy.

But, the above ideas won’t work either. Not completely. Not until everyone is on the same page about the acceptability of drugs usage. And they’re not. The UCI is not. The guys that are caught and serve their 2 years come back and are accepted with open arms by the sport and the fans. We do have short memories and do forgive pretty easily. That is why the first sanction has to be much more severe.

I’m sure there is a list of current riders that have served a doping infraction. It would be pretty long. Here is a list of some of the doping violations historically. There are nearly 400 footnotes. These are the guys that are winning the major races. The World Championships, the Tour de France, ect. And if Benard Kohl is correct, you still only get caught 1% of the time. So, the list could be 100 times larger. That seems incomprehensible, but it is probably close to correct.

We can’t have all these guys stealing life experiences from the others riders anymore. It is that plain and simple. It is completely, totally unacceptable.

Alright, maybe I was too harsh above. If you have a doping violation, you can still race, but you have to use this bike.

Ciao! Good Riddance!

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Kirk Obee is gone, banned from the sport, for life. Now if he just had to pay all his earnings back, he could be the first to qualify under the new rules below. If you want to read a long and convoluted defense, click here for the USADA arbitration PDF. (It takes a lot to get evidence introduced into one of those hearings.) I wonder what is in store for Nathan O’Neille’s future in the sport of cycling. The way the process is working now, he’ll probably be alright.

Happier times after he finished 2nd in Philly in 2007. Oh no, that result has be forfeited. Shoot.

TradeWind Energy Construction Crew

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Yesterday Bill and I rode over to Lawrence to put in a porch at Brian’s house. He’d already dug a hole. We just needed to fill it. Nick drove over from KC. He kind of does this for a living. And I’d watched a couple Youtube videos on the process, so I was good backup.

The start was a bit slow. It took a while to get the right gravel compactor, but after that it went pretty quickly. Other than cutting a few pavers, there isn’t too much to the process. Kind of like laying floor tile. It was amazing how much sand it took between the pavers after they were all in place. We must of run that machine over the whole thing nearly 10 times. Anyway, it turned out great. The whole project was just a few hours.

I am definitely a blue collar type guy. I like manual labor a lot. Manual labor where you can see the progression is the best. Laying tile, shoveling snow, roofing. Well, maybe not roofing so much. The monotony of that job wears on me. And the weight.

I think I’m going to ride my MTB over to Lawrence this afternoon on gravel. The last 8 miles I can hook up with a great single track by Lake Clinton. Pretty technical single track. It is supposed to be over 90 today. That should be nice.

Nothing Much…..

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has been going on. I skipped the cross race on Sunday to train. That is very unStevelike. But, it is for the best. It isn’t in my best interest right now to race cross.

I’ve been writing a post on doping, but it doesn’t say what I want it to. After I finish, I’d like to drop the whole subject.

We went on a semi epic ride yesterday. Rode over to Lawrence on gravel and then on rocky single track until we couldn’t hold onto the bars anymore. We limped into Lawrence just in time to miss a isolated thunderstorm. Pretty lucky timing.

The kittens have been just laying in a lump most of the time, so I decided that they needed a climbing tower. Those things are stupid expensive for what you get. So, I decided to just build one myself. I’ve got about $30 into it so far, but a lot of time. It is still in the process stage. I’m building it at the building and bringing it home every night so the cats can use it at night. They seem to like it.

That’s about it. I’m doing Berryman Epic in two weekends. I’m going to try to ride my MTB a couple more times before then. We’ll see.

Lump of cats.

Real cat tower.

My supplies, plus a little OSB.

It took forever to wrap that one post with rope. I used hot glue.

The box on top is okay for kittens, but it is going to be too small for cats.

Made a bigger opening in the box and added another platform today.

Kind of the finished product. It needs a few hanging things, ect. to jazz it up a bit.

This white and gray kitten finally purred this morning, hiding under my jacket. It is a real scardy cat.


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I was pretty glad to see Thor Hushovd win the World Championships. But, now, after this statement, I’m less enthused. Condensed, the statement says that he has never seen drugs in the sport of cycling and that they wouldn’t help him anyway.

That is the statement of a very, very naive person. Or a very stupid person. Or a flat out liar. One of those three explain it. I have a hard time believing it could be one of the first two. A guy that gets the results that he does can’t be dumb or naive. I don’t know him, but I’ve heard he is a likable guy, so it is hard for me to call him a liar. I hate problems with answers that can’t be reasoned.

I’m not sure why the current World Road Race Champion would give an interview and say what he did. It is impossible to be at his level in the sport and not understand the situation with drugs. And to say that it wouldn’t help him since he is a “sprinter”. That is just idiotic. The only thing I can think is that it was taken out of context and that the writer screwed it up somehow. Maybe that kind of explains it.

Below is an interview I did with Mountain Bike Action (MBA) back in 1998. That was 12 years ago. This was before the Festina doping scandal. It was so obvious then, without the all the media attention.

You have to click on the pages to make them readable. Keep clicking.