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Contador’s Paolo Pezzo defense

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I’ve been reading a little about Alberto’s situation today. He’s going with the Paola Pezzo defense, contaminated food ingestion. Seems like David Millar is going to give him the benefit of the doubt, as of now.

This story at Velonation seems to point the other way.

I’m sure it is going to be interesting in the coming months. The science behind it all is going to be very interesting.

The science might be interesting, but the last part of the WADA code pertaining to this is going to be very hard to get by—-

10.5.2 No Significant Fault or Negligence
If an Athlete or other Person establishes in an individual case that he or she bears No Significant Fault or Negligence, then the otherwise applicable period of Ineligibility may be reduced, but the reduced period of Ineligibility may not be less than one-half of the period of Ineligibility otherwise applicable. If the otherwise applicable period of Ineligibility is a lifetime, the reduced period under this Article may be no less than eight (8) years. When a Prohibited Substance or its Markers or Metabolites is detected in an Athlete’s Sample in violation of Article 2.1 (Presence of a Prohibited Substance or its Metabolites or Markers), the

Athlete must also establish how the Prohibited Substance entered his or her system in order to have the period of Ineligibility reduced.

He is going to have a very hard time doing this.

It worked for Paolo, contaminated beef.

He should not go with the meat and potato defense. He should go with the…………..

………….. turtle blood/beef combo defense. It is a sure thing he’ll retain his Tour de France title if he chooses that route. (No turtles were harmed for this photo.)

Random Stuff

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Can anyone explain why Floyd’s positive test comes back in a week and Contador’s test doesn’t get released for over two months. Think it had anything to do with the fact that Floyd was racing start $$$ races at 80,000 euros each, or there about, so he missed out on a ton of cash in his pocket?

I have a ticket to fly to LA on Friday for the UCI cross races. I’ve been watching the weather there and it is finally under 100 degrees. Looks like it is only going to be in the mid 90’s on Saturday and a little cooler on Sunday. Great cyclocross weather. I am not really sure why I’m going there now.

I build up Catherine’s new Blue cyclocross bike yesterday. It is very nice. And light. It weighs in a little over 16lbs with nothing stupid light on it. It wouldn’t be too hard to get it down to close to the UCI minimum weight. It would cost a lot though.

Has anyone tried the stuff in the photo below to seal the sidewalls of their ‘cross tires? There are a couple photos of before and after I put it on the sidewall of a Challenge tire. It’s called Plasti Dip. You’re supposed dip handles of tools into it for some reason.

I emailed Shawn Farrell, Technical Director of USA Cycling, to ask about how and if they plan to enforce the UCI 33mm tire width rule in cyclocross. He emailed back that the UCI was sending a tool, which they haven’t sent yet. I’ve been measuring tires with calipers and it is all jacked up. I have 34 mm Dugast that are 90% under 33mm. I have 32mm Challenge that are still 10% over 33 at some places. I have 30mm Michelin Jets that measure over 33mm everywhere. The clincher deal is a mess. It really depends on rim width on what the final tire measurement is going to be. Man, what a dumb rule change. 35mm to 33mm cyclcross tires. Stupid.

I’m debating whether to run my brakes backwards this season in cyclocross. I do like the left hand, rear braking in icy, slick condition, but the rest of the time it just mixes me up.

Yesterday I had something over 3500 people view my website. I think that was a record. I’m not sure why that was. The Arizona Bass Fisherman contributed 10% of the total. They either don’t like police much or like to look at gruesome photos.

Did you see that astronomers found a new planet, Gliese 581g, which is very much Earth-like and might be able to suppose life. It’s in another solar system, only 120 trillion miles away. So, as we continue to screw-up our environment, we can rest a little easier, knowing that there is a place we can relocate and prosper.

I love reading the free column in the local paper. Our local paper sucks, like most newspaper do nowadays. But, the free column is great. Today you can have a free ferret with cage, free koi fish (big goldfish/carp), free walnuts (if you pick them off the ground), free hens (10) or free 2 Crabapple trees (you cut and haul away). Plus all the kittens or puppies you can imagine. People are way interesting.

Can of Plati Dip. It adheres to about anything and is not supposed to peel or crack. I'll tell you how it works.

Used Challenge 34mm tire before Plasti Dip.

And after Plastic Dip. It comes in other colors too.

Catherine's new Blue cyclocross bike. It build up good. I think it is going to be a good bike. BB height is close to 30cm.

Champion Systems send these micro jerseys along with your clothing order. To get the right perspective on the size, the number above is a standard back number from Battenkill this year. This one even has the World Stripes on the collar and arms.

I cut this advertisement for USA Cycling off somewhere. I don't remember where. I do know that they need to get their priorities straight. I doubt many of us that have USA Cycling licenses think their first mission is - to achieve sustained success in international cycling competion.

Contador Positive

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This isn’t good. I just read here at that Alberto Contador was positive during this years Tour de France. He supposedly claims he ingested it inadvertently. Boy, it keeps getting better and better.

Ned Overend said this to me a while back before all this silliness became public – “Man, we sure were lucky to have raced internationally before all this drug stuff began.” And I was naive enough to agree with him.

Looks like the final yellow jersey from the Tour de France is Andy Schleck's to keep now.

Kris’ Crash

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Yesterday, late afternoon, I was going to ride ‘cross (for the 2nd time this year) with Bill and I get a call from my brother Kris. He had a run-in with a automobile on the way to the Tuesday night ride. So, I undress and get in my van to go get him and his bike. He said he thought his collarbone was broken. It was only a few blocks from our house.

When I got to the intersection, there were a couple police cars and an ambulance had just arrived. Kris was across the street and his shoulder was sagging pretty badly. I walked over as the EMT’s were getting out of the ambulance. When Kris turned around to talk to them, I realized that he needed to go to the emergency room. His whole shoulder muscle was hanging out. I felt his collarbone and it was fine.

Kris told the EMT’s that he didn’t need their service and that I was going to take him to the hospital. They said that they should look him over and it wouldn’t cost him anything. I told them that I would have him to the ER room before they were done taking his blood pressure.

So, Kris and I walk across the street to get into the van, while Bill put his bike in the van. The EMT’s and a woman police officer walk across the street and they said they wanted to check his vital signs before we left. He said he would rather just go to the ER room.

That is when it started going badly for me. I told Kris to get into the van and the police officer told me to shut up and go to my car. She was shouting. I said something back, like I’m taking him to the hospital. She told me that if I didn’t go to my van she was going to arrest me. I asked her for what. She said shouting. I told her that wasn’t against the law. That is when the handcuffs came out.

She told me to put my hands behind my back, which I did immediately. Kris and the EMT guys were standing 3 feet away. She kept yanking my arms and telling me not to struggle and resist. I looked at Kris and the EMT guys and calmly said, “does this look like I’m struggling.” She told me to sit on the ground and cross my legs. It was something out of a “Cops” episode. I asked her if the she was having a bad day. That didn’t sit so well. Then she proceeded to tell him what she needed to do. Anytime I tried to ask a question, she told me to not interrupt her/shut up or something of the like. She told me that she needed to finish her paperwork. I asked her if her paperwork superseded medical care? She said that if Kris wanted to go to the hospital in the ambulance, he could, but if he wanted to go with me then she needed to finish.

She wouldn’t let me talk anymore and told me that she was going to arrest me or I had a choice to go back to the van and sit and not interrupt. I told her I would go to my van. If my brother wouldn’t of been standing there dripping blood all over the ground, I would have told her to fuck off and let her arrest me. As she was taking the handcuffs off, she told me to put my right hand on my head while she removed the left one. I asked her what for, but don’t think she replied. Anyway, I went back to the van and stood around another 10 minutes while another police car arrived. In the meantime, the EMT guys were looking over Kris across the street. The woman police officer that handcuffed me spent the next 5 minutes explaining the last 10 minutes to the new cop that had arrived. I calmly walked over to the new guy and told him I needed to take my brother to the hospital. I asked him why she was so concerned with the paperwork and not so concerned with medical care. He didn’t really know.

Anyway, we left. Kris was bleeding all over the place. When we got to the ER room, he was dripping blood all over. A couple guys immediately took him back to a nurse, who immediately took him back into ER. Right then the police guy came in. I walked back with him. I asked him what the deal was. Why the woman police officer was more concerned about the paperwork than the medical treatment. He said something like if Kris would have left before the paperwork was finished, he was technically leaving the scene of an accident. Something like hit and run. I didn’t really dispute what he was saying. I was thinking, bullshit.

So, we spent the next 3 hours in the ER room. They gave Kris a CT scan of the chest which turned out good. And then spent a long time sewing up his back and finger. He has something like 50 stitches, internal ones too, in his back and a few more on one of his figures. Not too bad for running into a car that was going 35 mph.

This really was about Kris’ deal, but that was just an accident. An accident that turned out pretty good. He could have been hurt way worse than he was. He’s going to be pretty crazy sore for a while, but he’ll be fine.

But, what I don’t understand is the police. There is no place for guns and handcuffs at the scene of a normal bicycle/car accident. Especially when no one is pissed off about the cause. My brother needed medical care. I told the police where I was taking him. That should have been good enough. This threatening by arrest thing that the police use is just wrong. I have been handcuffed three times in my life now. This wasn’t one of the times that should have been the case. I can’t decide if I should call/ write someone at the police department or newspaper and tell them my story. Maybe I’ll just send them a link to this and be done with it. It will take way more than this incident to cause a change in this screwed up occupation.

Picture from the scene. Pretty gruesome.

The repair in action.

Before wipe down.

End result.

Doping news???

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Did you guys see this article at last week? It is to report that one of the guys that Joe Papp had named that had bought drugs from him had an expedited arbitration hearing and was found not guilty. I posted earlier that the worst part of the last article on this subject was the line -“The names will not be announced publicly until and unless the individual cases are resolved against the riders”. And it is.

USADA has a confidentiality rule*. But, Velonews doesn’t have have to abide by that rule. And they imply that they know the riders name. Velonews wrote – “Out of concern for the rider’s privacy, has opted not to publish his name.” So, Velonews isn’t going to name the rider to protect privacy. Boy, that is nice of them. If that is the case, then Velonews should never publish the name of a rider with a positive (non-negative) A sample before the results from the B sample results are released.

Transparency insures integrity in systems such as this. And the media is the avenue of transparency. So when the media, ie Velonews, fails to uphold their part of the system, the system is flawed.

I suppose since the arbitration ruled not guilty, they didn’t feel the need to release the name. Not guilty isn’t the same as innocent. And no matter what, it is still news.

But is this news now? It is and was news if they had named the rider. What was the point of the article now?. To make their first article seem less credible. This Joe Papp inquire has truth. USADA must of thought they had enough evidence to make a charge. So, whose rights are we protecting from making the charge public. The innocent? If that was the case in the United States, then all charges/arrests would be concealed and made private until each case was ruled against the individual charged.

I suppose it is one of the guys Joe outed in his tweet** from the Tour of Utah awhile back. And if that is the correct, then it is pretty easy to figure out who the rider is. Just look at the Tour of Utah results from stage 2 and do a little deduction. It would be one of those five guys. At least one of those guys are on the “Papp list”. And three out of those five are Americans. And one out of the three would never have to buy his drugs off the internet. So, figure it out.

There are reasons for the media to release the name of the rider before the hearing. Maybe there are a lot of guys out there with information that could of been used at the hearing. But, no one was notified that there was a hearing going on. And there are lots of reasons a not guilty ruling could happen with the charges still being true.

I think it stinks. I wish they Velonews would have not published the article in the first place.

11. Confidentiality

Except for the notifications to the USOC, NGB, IF and WADA (or other sporting body ordering the test) as otherwise provided in this protocol, USADA shall not publicly disclose an athlete’s positive test result or other alleged doping violation until after the athlete has been found to have committed a doping violation in a hearing conducted under either article 9(b)(ii) or 9(b)(iv) above. USADA may release aggregate statistics of testings and adjudication results.

**On August 19, following stage 2 of the Tour of Utah, Papp wrote, “Jonathan McCarty, don’t worry, you were really 5th today in Utah. Or at least you will be.”

DNF’d First Cross Race of the Season….not good

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I raced about a 1/3 of a cyclocross today in Kansas City. I had planned on doing 3/3 of a cyclocross. Not sure what to say other than it is impossible to rotate your legs in circles when both hamstrings are cramped. And that happened in less than 20 minutes. Twenty minutes of racing. I’d ridden 50 miles, at a 20mph average, into a stiff headwind, on a very hilly road, to get to the race. 13 minutes before the scheduled start. Next to Brian Jensen. Not a good thing. They did start 15 minutes late, so that was something. But, not enough.

My hamstrings had been feeling weird all day. But, eating at 8 am, 6 hours before the race and then doing the before mentioned trek, didn’t help much. The weird thing is that I didn’t see it coming. I’ve hardly ever cramped up a hamstring. Never both simultaneously. I had been feeling weird back in Kansas this past week. Allergies or something. But, today I felt pretty great riding over there. But, I did run out of juice as we had to pick up the pace to make the race start. Then, there wasn’t much to eat in the van. And no coffee. Not very good planning on my part, but at local races, I don’t usually cross all my t’s and dot all the i’s. Maybe I need to start. The sport is hard enough, that there isn’t much leeway for sloppiness in preparation.

The course didn’t help much either. It was more of a grass circuit race. 1.5 miles in length. On the side of a hill. 50% up and 50% down. And it had rained a bunch yesterday, so it was super slow. Not peanut butter slow, but sticky slow. Slow enough that I only rode in my small ring down hill pedaling. No rest.

So, I followed Shad Smith, KCCX around for most of the first lap. I was pretty comfortable. I got in the lead climbing back to the start line. The 2nd time over the barriers, I felt a small twinge in my left hamstring and though, “shit, it is way too early for that to be happening.” I backed off a bit and thought maybe I could ride into a pace. Then the next lap over the barriers, both hamstrings cramped. I can’t think of a race I’ve ever been in that I quit when I was leading. But, like I stated above, there is nothing you can do to pedal a bicycle in that situation. So, I just stood on the side of the course as everyone rode by. I couldn’t really move for 10 minutes or so, then just rode back to the van. Josh Johnson, Big Shark, won the race over Jonathan Schottler, Big Shark, with Shad Smith, KCCX, coming in 3rd. (Shad lost the sprint for 2nd because he was never told it was the final lap).

I can’t really complain too much. I haven’t ridden a cross bike one pedal stroke before today, but that wasn’t the issue. I guess I need to address this hamstring thing pretty quickly. There was only 10 meters of running on this course. So, I cramped up after 30 meters of running. That probably wasn’t it. I did have a very hard training day. Not such a hard race day though.

So, if anybody has any intelligent thoughts about how I can address this quickly, feel free to tell me. If not, I guess I’m going to have to try to figure it out myself, which is a long shot. And it won’t be quick.

Not the photo you want to see of yourself at a race.

Early in the race when I was leading (and still riding).

Artsy photo Joe Houston sent.

Bromont hadn't been to a bike race for a few weeks so he was in dog heaven. He loves cyclocross.