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Not racing still

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Since I haven’t been racing for the past 3 weekends it seems I’m reading the race results way more than I normally do. I’m not sure why that is, but it is. This past weekend it was pretty cool seeing Matt Busche‘s name for a overall podium slot in the Tour of Denmark. Hayden Rouslton, my good friend from Tour of Southland, won the final stage. Matt has a long and successful career as a professional cyclist ahead.

Dave Henderson, local Missouri buddy, won his age group in the US Nationals Master’s Criterium. As did Adam Bergman. Not so surprising for Adam, but a pretty great result for Dave – Congratulations.

Trudi is flying back from Europe for the last time tomorrow. I think she was about ready to go crazy, so it was probably the right time. She has a couple more races to do in North America – The two World Cups in Canada and US Pro National’s in South Carolina.

Okay. I’m thinking about cross already. Ran for the 3rd time. Swam a mile. That has nothing to do with cross though, just life. Life enjoyment. It is still a million degrees in Kansas. I was watching the weather channel and they said there was a extreme heat advisory in effect in Kansas City until Thursday. I rode at 90 yesterday and almost melted. It’s easy to get used to these 78 degree days.

Dave Henderson winning US Master's National Criterium Championships by a tire width.

Radomír Šimůnek, Sr.

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It is kind of unsettling when one of your peers dies. And obviously sad. Such is the case when I read that Radomír Šimůnek, Sr. died recently.

I knew Radomír Šimůnek. I spent a few weeks of a winter in Czechoslovakia training for the Cyclo-X World Championships with the Czech National Team. He was the reining World Amateur Champion, but was out for the season with a knee injury. He spoke just okay English, but more than the other guys.

Trudi’s grandmother knitted stocking caps and made an awesome white hand knitted hat with the World Championship stripes on it. I gave it to Radomír and he wore it everyday at the World Championships that year. I thought that was pretty great.

When I saw him a few other times going back and forth to Europe I’d say hi, but it wasn’t like we were good friend or anything.

He was the only bicycle racer to win the Junior Worlds, Amateur World and Professional Worlds in Cyclocross.

In the back of my mind I’d thought it would be fun sometime to go back to Czechoslovakia and track down some of the riders I met back then. It won’t be near as fun without having Radomír around.

Keys, 11:11

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I have a bunch of keys. Lots of keyrings. On the one I’m currently using, I have no idea what at least half of the keys fit. And it is very rare that I think, wow, I wish I had the key that fit that and it happens to be on my keyring.

I’ve never had a key to my house. I’ve lived in the same house since I was 14 and have never had a key to it. I go into the house through the garage 70% of the time and have to enter a code, if that counts as a key.

I’ve got keys to friends places in many parts of the country. It’s kind of nice having keys to friends houses, but I should probably mail them all back. I’m not a good person to keep track of keys.

11:11. Ever since I was a kid I’ve had this “relationship” with the number 11:11. It started when I was 10 or 11. (That would be weird if it was 11.) Anyway, I got an alarm clock for Christmas. It was the exact alarm clock that Bill Murray saw every morning in the movie, Groundhog Day. But, instead of flipping over to 6:00 in the morning, I always saw it flip over to 11:11. Mainly at night. I would wake up at least 5 nights a week and glance at the clock just as it flipped from 11:10 to 11:11.

Ever since that started, I see the number everywhere. I’m not sure if it is that I just notice the number more because it is important to me, but it occurs at an unexplainable frequency. Multiple times a day. I look at my watch and it will show 11:11:11. I think that something important in my life is going to occur at this exact time sometimes. And I’m not a guy that believes in superstition.

But, I think it is my good luck number. I can’t remember getting the number 11 in a bike race ever. I race enough I should be getting that number pretty often. At least once every couple years. It wouldn’t be 11:11, so it probably wouldn’t do anything for me anyway.

A Chink in the Million Dollar Dog

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Bromont has taken after me to a certain extent and ripped his leg open on one of his 2 hour outings in the woods. I stitched it up once and did a touch up the next day, but he kept swimming in the lake and licking the stitches out. Yesterday, we finally took him to the vet and the vet wanted to put him under general anesthesia to suture him back up. I’m not so big on that, so got some antibiotics and left. He did have a very good idea of him wearing a t-shirt over his legs so he didn’t lick his wound. Way better than one of those stupid plastic collars. Anyway, I let him go for another couple hour run in the woods and one final swim and last night I stitched up his cut once again. This time I had some super glue to put on the sutures and help close the wound. He was such a good boy. So, no more running in the North Woods for Bromont for the next week or so. That’s gonna drive him nuts. He’s getting an itch to get to a bike race. That is his second favorite weekend activity to running free in the woods. Might have to head down to Chicago for the Glencoe Criterium on Saturday.

Bromont in his new Hayward longsleeve.

Huge gash.

Not my best suturing job, but it will do.

Bromont's new Hayward Athletic Dept. long sleeve.

He is pretty cute after he got back from his leashed walk in the woods.

Glencoe Criterium

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Okay. I’ve decided to drive to Chicago today and race tomorrow. In the back of my mind, I thought I might go up to Michigan and ride Ore to Shore, but that isn’t happening. For two reasons – I don’t have the fitness for it and I don’t have the mindset to get my equipment ready for it. I don’t do well at a MTB race unless I have everything set up perfect (my opinion of perfect) and my bikes are far from perfect right now. My bike might not be ready to race for awhile with my energy level.

Another reason for heading to Chicago is that it isn’t fair to make Bromont walk in the woods on a leash when he was romping 30+ miles a day before on his own. Oh, and it’s Trudi’s birthday and it is more than right that her family gets to see her for that.

So, the race is going to be a afterthought. At least I’m looking at it that way right now. I’m sure that will change later. It’s not like I am racing the PRO race there. I’d be mildly excited if that was the case, even with my pitiful form.

Next weekend there are some choices of different races. Then we’re going down to Hotter’N Hell in Wichita Falls Texas. It’s a 3 race affair. Two super hot criteriums and a way too early start, long road race. A sleep deprivation race for sure.

I’m thinking about going to the Iowa State Fair next week in Des Moines. Ames is flooded right now and I-35 is closed going South, but State Fairs in the Midwest are a very fun time and should not be missed.

Okay, this has nothing to do with anything, but it bugs me. I bought this book to read on the flight to Europe. I guess I didn’t read the fine print. It wasn’t written by Robert Ludlum. I knew Robert Ludlum died, but must of spaced it out. It seems like false advertising. The book isn’t good. Not even close to the Ludlum Bourne Books. I checked it out on google and there have been 12 books published under the Bourne name since he died. Seems just wrong. Especially since they put the real authors name in such small print.

New Eriksen MTB

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I was remiss leaving out a photo of Dennis’ new Ericksen MTB. And road bike. The MTB bike is the new 650B standard. I rode this exact setup a few times last fall and if you only have one bike, this could be the perfect choice. And with it being made of titanium, it should last forever. Pretty nice duo of bikes there.

Glencoe- US Professional Criterium Championship and then my race

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Okay. Just got back from Glencoe. It was surprising good race to be at. To race and then to watch. I’m not normally much into watching races that I think I should be racing, but this wasn’t a problem today. After racing the 1/2 race, I had no desire to race another hour in the PRO race. It was muggy. The course was hard. Way harder than it looked on paper or in pre-ride. I’ll post more later. The PRO race was one of the best criteriums that I’ve seen in quite awhile. And how about Levi smearing JHK and others in Leadville? Wow. Didn’t really see that, but I don’t know anything about his MTB background.

Recovery drinks at dinner late in Evanston.

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