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100 is the New 80

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A cyclocross cardiologist buddy of mine from Louisville, ://”>John Mandrola, from Louisville, sent me a link to a Frenchman, Robert Marchand, who at 102, set a new hour record on the track. He rode 16.7 miles. If I can ride 16 mph on a bike when I’m 102, I’ll be stoked.

Right now about 1 out of every 10,000 of Americans live to 100. That is changing, but not super fast. I doubt many of the 100 year old here ride their bikes much. I’ve never been convinced that racing bikes is very healthy for your body. At least to the extent I do it. I’m sure if I would have done a “toned down” career, it would be beneficial, but that wasn’t happening.

Anyway, chapeau to you Robert. I hope you break your record at 110.

102 year old Robert Marchand after setting the hour record yesterday.

102 year old Robert Marchand after setting the hour record yesterday.

Cyclocross Worlds Unlocked

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The World Cyclocross Championships Elite race is at 9 am EST Sunday morning. It is blocked for our country by the UCI. I saw a way to get around this on Pete Webber’s Facebook page. The key is going to Hola and getting the plugin. If you can’t get that to work, you can always go to and watch it in Dutch. Here is that link. I did it the Hola way and the countdown timer worked great. I’m going out on a limb and pick Sven. Okay, here it is-

Here is where you can watch the CX Worlds tomorrow. 9 am eastern time start for elite men. But the site is geo-restricted so you need an unblocker plugin like Hola. Get yours set up tonight so it is ready in the morning. You’ll know it is working when you can see the countdown timer on the UCI You Tube Cannel at this address.