Liège–Bastogne–Liège Past 10 Winners

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Shit, it’s not until you see the names in print that you realize how stupid and unreal the history books are going to be with winners of Classic races. This is worse than the Amstel doping, I mean past winners list I posted a couple days ago. Man, you don’t realize it until it stares you right in the face.

2001 – Oscar Camenzind (Swi), Lampre-Daikin
2002 – Paolo Bettini (I), Mapei-Quickstep
2003 – Tyler Hamilton (USA), CSC
2004 – Davide Rebellin (I), Gerolsteiner
2005 – Alexandre Vinokourov (Kz), T-Mobile
2006 – Alejandro Valverde (Sp), Caisse d’Epargne-Illes Balears
2007 – Danilo Di Luca (I), Liquigas
2008 – Alejandro Valverde (Sp), Caisse d’Epargne
2009 – Andy Schleck (Lux), Saxo Bank
2010 – Alexandre Vinokourov (Kz), Astana

7 thoughts on “Liège–Bastogne–Liège Past 10 Winners

  1. Jon Nelson

    The” Schleck” name isn’t exactly sqeeky clean…
    Brother Frank was suspended by his team in 2008 for a funds transfer to Dr Fuentes for “training advice”. Where one Scheck is, the other is never far away.

  2. InTheKnow

    And about three years from now, we’ll be crossing out the name of the guy who just won his third race (and second Ardennes classic) in week.

    Mark my words…

  3. Jeff

    Don’t forget little Paolo refusing to sign that “pledge to not dope” thing a few years ago. You either “pledge to not dope” or don’t “pledge to not dope.”

  4. Jonathon

    Definitely a stunning list of dopers. @InTheKnow… Gilbert’s dominance may have more to do with a cleaner peloton than to him being dirty. He talks quite a bit of anti doping smack, which is pretty refreshing. Think this is a front? Pretty curious as to your thoughts and hope you can unpack them to give us something to chew on before L-B-L.

  5. InTheKnow

    Jonathon: Here’s a bit of an insider clue for you … Gilbert is managed by… Pat McQuaid’s brother.


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