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HI guys.  I’m on such a different level that I’m fluctuating all over the place on an hourly basis, so I’m anywhere from sort of normal, which is a very short thing, to completely jacked, thus I can barely open my eyes and my head is throbbing like the worst headache I’ve ever had in my life.

It is so weird because I’ve crashed and hit my head on the ground quite a few times in my career.  Usually when this happens, I break my collarbone, shoulder, ribs, or something else that overrides the head issue.

This time all I have going against me is my skull being fractured.  Honestly, I actually haven’t seen a real image of how bad a fracture I have, but it is pretty bad.  At least the way my head feels, it is pretty bad.  Both my ears are pretty clogged because they are backed up with blood on the inside.  Thus, I am not hearing very well at any time.

I’m maybe sleeping around 4 hours a day now.  Usually at night I sleep around 2 hours before I wake with a crazy headache.  Then during the rest of the day, I sleep an hour or so a couple more times.

The only way I can sleep is when I take a Perocet an hour before I go to bed.  Perocet along with some ibuprofen give me a couple hours relief.  As soon as that wears off, then it is impossible to sleep anymore.  So, I listen to NPR and just lay around with a cat or Tucker, depending on what time of the day or night it is.

I don’t have another doctors appointment until next Wednesday.  I’m seeing the neurosurgeon on Wednesday morning, then going to an eye doctor to try to figure out why I’m not seeing very well out of my right eye as of yet.  I assume when the head swelling goes down, then the hearing and vision problems won’t be around, but that maybe an all wrong thought, I’m not sure.

I’m losing weight too.  Like crazy.  I think I’m already to about the lightest weight I’ve been the last 3 years and it is just falling a pound a day or so.  I guess I haven’t been eating that much, but can’t really get that under control as of yet.  I’m not exercising at all, which is officially against doctor’s orders.  Even if it wasn’t, I woudn’t be doing it.  My head is so sore that it doesn’t even cross my mind to exercise at all.

The neurosurgeon told me I couldn’t ride for 4 weeks, but he really meant 8.  It will be two weeks by Friday.  It hasn’t gotten any better, so maybe 4 weeks is going to be way too short.  My balance and head are so off that riding a bicycle wouldn’t be the best idea yet.

Yesterday I got a FedEx package from the guys at Strava.  I don’t really know those guys, but am really into going there sometime to check them out.  They sent a super nice t-shirt, plus a Strava jersey that is signed by all the guys at the Strava office, wishing me a quick recovery.  Pretty nice surprise.

Tucker has been super clingy.  He is pretty much following me anywhere I happen to be at.  He sleeps at my feet or my lap pretty much 24/7.  I would love to take him out to the country to let him run loose, but I don’t have that ability right now.  I plan on turning the corner on this stupid head pain soon, so walking in the country will be easy and a daily basis.  RIght now, it isn’t happening.

Okay, I made it until 1 am this morning, now have been awake and it’s approaching 5 am. Listening to the BBC is alright now.  They are sort of skipping the political stuff with Trump and Hillary, so the BBC is okay listening.   The next two weeks is still going to be way too slow for me. It has been raining  the last couple hours, with lots of lightening happening.  It makes the night more interesting.  I took another oxycodone, so I might be able to sleep a couple more hours soon.  Or not, it really doesn’t matter.

Strava jersey that showed up yesterday.

Strava jersey that showed up yesterday.



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Man, the days are going by so slowly.  I’m not really on any program other than trying to keep my head from hurting on a constant basis.  I’m not really sleeping much, which is probably the main reason I’m having such headaches.

Bill rode by yesterday afternoon.  He was in the hospital for 3 days.  He has 4 broken ribs and one of his lungs was collapsed, so it took a few days of suction to reinflate it.  His legs are a scabby mess, which mine are too.  I’m not too sure why that happened to both of us.

I don’t have another doctor’s appointment this week, which seems wrong, but I’m not really making any phone calls or doing much, so it is what it is.  Actually I think I might have a vision appointment the next few days, but I’m really not sure about that.  I’m not seeing too well out of my right eye, it is pretty blurry, so the doctor at the ENT called an eye doctor, but I don’t really know when that appointment is right now.

I started getting some bills from the different hospital places.  So far i have been billed nearly $1500 for the 4 mile ambulance ride to the hospital.  Bill was in the ambulance with me.  I wonder if he was charged the same?  Seems like $3000 for two of us being transported to the hospital is crazy high, but the health care system just about everywhere is out of whack, so it is what it is.  I have a zero dollar deductible for accidents, so I’m thinking it all might be covered. But, maybe not.

I have been listening to NPR pretty much all day since I’ve been home.  I can hardly wait until the presidential election is over.  Let’s all just vote and be done with this.   This hasn’t been a highlight of our political system, in my opinion.

I guess I should try to figure more out about this brain trauma I got going on.  I still have nearly 800 emails that I should read.  Maybe next week.  Right now, I don’t have the energy to be on a computer more than a few minutes at a time.

I'm pretty much horizontal as much as I can be all day.  It really doesn't help out much with sleep, but seems to keep my neck from aching constantly.

I’m pretty much horizontal as much as I can be all day. It really doesn’t help out much with sleep, but seems to keep my neck from aching constantly.


Monday Morning Early

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I really haven’t been using a computer or my phone much the past week or so.  I’m having crazy severe headaches, which makes reading things pretty undoable.  I can only hope that this whole thing clears up quicker than slower.

I guess the deal is that my skull is cracked pretty good.  Good enough that there is a fair amount of swelling that makes a day super long and painful.  I haven’t done a CT scan for since late last week, so this week I should find out if maybe things are getting better.   Because this headache thing is pretty debilitating.  Like I’m not really sleeping at all and just lay around with a crazy pain just about everywhere in my head.

I hope to eventually go and read all the emails and texts, etc. I’ve received the last week.  I have over 700 emails now, but can’t really put much effort into trying to read them.  I’ve got a ton of texts too.  Lance sent me a text, which was pretty surprising.  I don’t really answer any, but plan to in just a bit.

I was planing on going out to LA and do the Donut Ride last Saturday, along with the South Bay Award Ceremony that Seth puts on.  That didn’t happen.  I guess I’m not supposed to ride my bike for at least 4 weeks, maybe 8.  Man, that seems like forever, but it has been 10 days so far and I’m still at square one, so 4 weeks might come along pretty quickly.

I’m taking a bunch of different medicine.  Anti seizure medicine, pain pills, stool softeners, you name it, I’m taking it.  And it really isn’t working nearly as well as I had hoped.  Hopefully when the swelling get less, these headaches will go away and everything will seem much better.  Until then, I’m just going through a day an hour at a time.  I really haven’t slept in a week, which is getting pretty old.  Hopefully this will all change pretty quick and I can sleep all day and night and get feeling better quickly.

Okay, this is about all I can write this morning.  I’ll try to post more often, when things gets feeling just a tad better.

Tucker has been super. He has been just hanging with me, waiting until I feel better.

Tucker has been super. He has been just hanging with me, waiting until I feel better.


Home recovering

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No Visiting, Calling, Texting, Emailing, Trudi or Steve PLEASE!

It’s still me, Vincent, I am not wanting to start a new post every day but Steve is  home now and it seems like a good time to start a new post. I’ll probably update this post for a few days before I or hopefully Steve starts a new post.
Please respect the difficult time Steve and Trudi are going through, please feel free to contact me directly. 720-301-3003. If you are not sure what this is all about start here.

No Visiting, Calling, Texting, Emailing, Trudi or Steve PLEASE! (updated Oct 20): Steve’s brain needs rest. Trudi is focused on helping Steve. If you are local or in some other way are thinking about visiting or contacting (calling, emailing) Steve or Trudi, please do not!  Feel free to continue to leave comments. It is super important that he gets mental rest. Frontal TBI causes interesting and unpredictable personality issues. I will update when this changes. Expect this to be in effect until Oct 27 even after he returns home.

Tuesday afternoon: Steve is home.

Wednesday Summary: Steve still seems cognitively great, i.e., same intellect, asking about politics, biking, etc. He seemed emotionally the same. He is extremely tired.  Feels like he hasn’t slept in days which is probably true. It has been hard for him to get comfortable. Feeling new aches from the crash. His lower back is now sore. He has a pretty deep round wound there. He neck is sore but that is not really new. Right ear feels clogged but it is damaged, he has a crack in his skull behind his ear. if it continues we should see an ENT doc. He also complained of significant head pain.  He is still processing the amount of time it will take to recover and the amount of time that has passed. Eating a bit more and no more vomiting. Have the pill rotation going. That said, he seems accepting of it. Doesn’t feel like working on anything other than getting better. A good sign.

Thursday morning: Steve’s head pain got too bad is very bad! Getting that looked at.

Thursday midday: No Visiting, Calling, Texting, Emailing, Trudi or Steve PLEASE! Steve’s headache was bad enough to get another CAT scan which looked great. He has some new pain meds now and has an appointment to see the ENT later today about the ear.

Friday: Not much to report, It will be a week since the injury and overall progress has been great. New photo of Tucker below.

Recovery: If you are wondering what recovery from this type of injury might entail, this LINK explains it, although to me it says nothing useful while at the same time reading like a side effect warning for head injuries.

Support: Many of you have reached out asking how you can help out. Friendship, prayers, letters, posts in the comments…. All of these things are great. Trudi will be busy taking care of Steve, there will be opportunities to help but we need to let Trudi worry about Steve and their very close friends will help coordinate other help that may be needed. If you have something specific you would like to do, you can contact me, directly or 720-301-3003. Many have also offered financial assistance. At this time this is greatly appreciated and humbling, but not necessary. If there comes a time it is necessary, we ensure everyone has an opportunity to help.

Watching Cubs game

Watching Cubs game

Tucker helping out.

Tucker helping out.

Hard to Believe it is Friday Again

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It is funny how fast weeks are going this Fall.  I’m not sure why that is, but it is, at least for me. This week has went fast, even though I was draggin’.

I’m heading back to the doctor this morning at 9 am.  On Wednesday, he sucked a big syringe of goopy mess out of my knee and now I’m eating a handful of antibiotics every 6 hours.   I think my knee felt better this morning, but I still don’t get what happened.  Whatever it is, I don’t like it.  I haven’t ridden since Tuesday.

Actually, I haven’t been riding that much this past month.  I don’t think I’ve had much over a 200 mile week the last 4 weeks.  Some of that is because I’ve been riding cross and MTB, but my hours are way down too.

After seeing the knee guy, I’m going to call a GP and try to see him.  I haven’t been feeling very well since way before Chequamegon, so that is a couple months  I thought it would just pass, but it hasn’t and it’s been way too long for that.  I don’t have a regular doctor, so I need to get one.

Yesterday I did a bunch of auto repair.  I’m pretty good at it. At least sometimes.  I guess it is just putting in the time and having a good attitude.  You figure they had to have put it together some way, so there is a way to take it apart.  Sometimes I wonder what the engineers were thinking when they designed certain cars/engines.  I wonder if they took repair accessibility into consideration at all. The Internet is awesome for pointers.

I was replacing the filler neck of Dennis’ pickup truck. I had just filled it up with gas and then got the part in the mail.  It was totally rusted, so I had to drill the screws out to remove it.  Then I proceeded to spill a 1/2 gallon of gasoline on myself while trying to loosen the hose clamps and install the new part.  I have never had much problem with gas, but for some reason, the stuff was kind of burning my skin and when I looked at it, the skin was whitish.  I took off my clothing and headed to the shower pretty quickly.   I still smell like gas this morning, so I guess it permeated my skin.

I got lucky and loosened all the bolts to the power steering pump on the same car.  I don’t have the pump, but am picking one up after seeing the doctor.  I say I’m good at auto repair, but I’m not that good at diagnosis.  At least good enough to be sure that I’m not wasting my time and money doing this.  I’m pretty sure it is the pump, but probably only 70% sure.  Guess it will be a little surprise.

Yesterday I also took a bunch of brake rotors to the recycling place.  I’m not sure how many I had, but they weighed a little over 300 lbs.  I guess I’ve done a lot of brake work the last 6 months or so.   I got $12.75 for them.  I got a better rate for cast iron, $85 a ton, compared to $65 for normal metal.  Those recycling places are a trip.  It is amazing what is there and the machinery moving the metal around.  Something out of a sci-fi movie.

There are two cross races this weekend in Lawrence, but I’m not going to be able to race.   For sure. Catherine texted me that she is going to race, so I’ll probably go help her.  Hopefully, the doctor will give me the go-ahead to ride some.  I think I could probably bend my knee enough to pedal.  It was hurting pretty good yesterday, but like I said, today it seems a little better.

Okay, I better get going.  I hate these semi-early morning appointments.

Gas filler neck I replaced. How rusted was this?

Gas filler neck I replaced. How rusted was this?  I’m surprised any gasoline wen into the tank at all.

New filler neck. And a steering shaft piece I'm putting in later today.

New filler neck. And a steering shaft piece I’m putting in later today.

I'm also changing the power steering pump. I have all the bolts loose. Just need to go get a new pump and then change it.

I’m also changing the power steering pump. I have all the bolts loose. Just need to go get a new pump and then change it.

Pile of brake rotors I took to recycle yesterday. I guess I'd been stocking them up for a while.

Pile of brake rotors I took to recycle yesterday. I guess I’d been stocking them up for a while.

Craziness at the recycling place.

Craziness at the recycling place.

Cash for rotors.

Cash for rotors.

We took a bunch of old helmets over to the Bicycle Coalition last night. They can use just about anything extra cycling related.

We took a bunch of old helmets over to the Bicycle Coalition last night. They can use just about anything extra cycling related.





Knee Surgery ???

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I’m not being an alarmist here, but I’ve been thinking about this for a hour or so and am becoming a bit worried.  I woke up this morning with a big swollen knee.  Last night it was a little sore and now it is way, way more sore, swollen and hot.

I called my friend Stacie and we did a little FaceTime thing and she says that I have an infected prepatella bursitis and that I need to see an orthopedic surgeon ASAP.  So I called around and just got answering machines, but then Stacie called me back and had made me an appointment in a few hours.

I’m not sure how this happened.  I rode MTB with the Tuesday night group and my knee was a little weird.   I’d kind of twisted it a couple days ago and thought that was the problem.

I was walking, at night, on a sidewalk and stepped into a 12 inch hole in a grate that was full of water. I totally submerged my shoe and lower leg, fell forward and landed on my knee.  I felt lucky that I didn’t break my leg.  That hole needs to be covered.  It has been sore since, but that doesn’t really explain how it got infected.

It is the same knee I scraped down, falling in Colorado.  But that was a long time ago.  The healing has been slow, but it hasn’t been open in weeks.

Anyway, Stacie said not to eat, that the guy might cut do surgery to drain all the infection out of it and then put me on IV antibiotics.   The more I dwell on how I feel, the more a hypochondriac I am becoming.  I don’t feel that good, sort of like flu.

I plan to use my knee a lot over the next few decades, if I’m around that long, so it’s pretty important to get this right.   I’ll post again, post Dr.’s visit.  Boo.


img_2108This hole is on a sidewalk.  I guess it used to have a tree in it, but not now.  It is deep, like mid-shin deep.  I stepped straight into it and fell forward and landed on my knee.


Oh,  it's Tucker's 10 month birthday today.  He is a great boy.  Getting stronger by the day.

Oh, it’s Tucker’s 10 month birthday today. He is a great boy. Getting stronger by the day.





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I dragged myself up to Cable yesterday.  The first 6 hours wasn’t too bad, but the last 4 hours got long. Bill relieved me some driving. I woke up today not feeling much better.  I had thought/hoped this stomach thing would have passed as quickly as it came.  Doesn’t seem that it how it is going.  I had planned on riding the whole Chequamegon course today, but that ain’t happening.  I think Bill and Karl are still going to do it. This might be the first time in modern history that I haven’t ridden the course before the race.  I really like it, so I’m really missing out. Maybe another day of bed rest might help some.

Tucker was up and down all night, he was so excited.  Trudi already took him for a loop and they are heading back out again right now.

Tucker was up and down all night, he was so excited. Trudi already took him for a loop and they are heading back out again right now.