Strade Bianche 2017

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I love the race Strade Bianche.  I like it for many reasons, but many is because it seems like the guys have to race the last couple hours.  Or at least the last hour, for sure.  I think it is so funny when the finishers call the race “old school”, which means it isn’t being controlled and is just a normal bike race.  Guys doing their own moves and racing mono a mono.

This year, the fireworks started pretty far out and the racing was hard.  Michal Kwiatkowski made a good move and had a little help from the camera motorcycles the last bit. But, that is how it goes, I guess.

Anyway, if you didn’t have a chance to see it, there are two videos below.  Short or long, you chose.


16 thoughts on “Strade Bianche 2017

  1. Bill K

    You can’t blame him from taking advantage of the camera moto. Those moto drivers should be trained not to let that happen.

    1. SB

      It’s Italy… the moto drivers know very well how drafting works, and they are not afraid to play favorites.

      Remember the time Eddy Merckx was leading the Giro and the tv helicopter flew low to influence the time trial?

      1. Larry T

        Yeah, those dirty, rotten, Italians are all cheats! Just look what those evil Cinzano thugs did to poor David Stoller. Red-blooded Americans like BigTex or Floyd would never, ever cheat…..would they? Neither would the Brits…well, except for Sir What-his-name and Co.

  2. Old school racer

    All races should be this way. (Like the Olympic road race or the SB)

    This kind of racing resembles the chaos of local racing and fuels the dream that good tactics can overcome genetic advantages in physiology. (But not doping)

  3. AK_Ben

    “Mano a mano”. Otherwise it’s two guys with glandular fever. 😉 Agree that it’s a pretty cool race, the finish into Siena is awesome.

    1. Pablo

      I thought he was saying a term I hadn’t heard and they were racing “monkey to monkey”. Awesome race.

  4. Davide Rebbelinski

    Yep Kwick-Ski pulled off a heck ova win but right they Still have Too Many Motos on these courses, they can help you but they can also fuck you up! LLB really had a powerful kick at the end of the Women’s Race too! Yeah a really hard finish and very beautiful in Siena! Now if I can just get my Satellite Radio App to install so I can listen to our newest bike racing fan Howard Stern. bahahaha

    1. Mike Rodose

      Lance looked a bit rough, but he was still interesting. He actually gave props to Lemond.

      For those familiar with our sport, it was a tough listen. Stern was playing dumb on knowing anything about the sport…who is this Lemond? Never heard of that. What’s a peletine? Softball questions, Bike Racing 001.

      If you found the Joe Rogan podcast with Lance informative, then this Sirius interview is similar.

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  6. Bruce

    I would have liked to see it stay in the Fall and maybe generate more excitement for Fall Classics.

  7. Davey

    What about Stage 1 of Paris-Nice? That was fantastic! As you’ve been enjoying the wind on your recent rides I thought you would be able to relate.

    I thought last year’s Strade Bianche was better, with more drama until the end.


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