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Relying on your Garmin

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I’m not big on structured training.  I’ve never really used it, so can’t really knock it, but know I wouldn’t enjoy it.  Does that make sense?  I think if I’m going to go that hard, I might as be in a race.  And that is my normal practice.  Get fit enough to race and then race to get fitter enough to race well.

I’ve done this pretty much my whole bike racing life.  I like riding with guys and training hard.  I guess that is structured somewhat.  I normally train pretty hard, at least compared to other groups I go ride with through the country.  I don’t know if that is a good thing or not because, again, I’ve never done it any other way.

I say all this, but the invention of the Garmin kind of mixes up the equation some.  I like having a Garmin and I like the data saved.  I’ve never really kept a training diary and Strava is now that diary.  Way more information that I would have put down in writing, for sure.  Mileage, time, speed, heart rate, power numbers, etc.  It seems kind of silly when you think about it.

My “new” Garmin isn’t doing that well.  I have a Garmin 1000 and it has always been temperamental.  I had a Garmin 800 before that, but the day the Garmin 1000 showed up, Tucker decided it was time to make the old Garmin his toy and chewed it up.  Bad puppy.

Anyway, I want to send this Garmin back to Garmin to get fixed, but think they have already done that once.  Plus, I don’t really want to be without it while it is being repaired.  My Garmin is getting super hard to charge.  Plus, after it is charged, it doesn’t stay that way very long.  That is just the start of the list.

Sometimes it locks up.  Right now it won’t download data easily.  It won’t sync to my iPhone, so I have to plug it in to try to get the data downloaded.

I have been thinking about getting a newer Garmin.  Then I read this review on the new Garmin 820.    These guys don’t seem to be much happier with the new 820 than I am of the 1000.  The review said only 5 hours of battery life.  That won’t do it for me.

So I’m in a predicament.  Eventually my Garmin will just quit working.  I thought that was right after Christmas, but i came back to life.  Maybe I can nurse it along for another month and when Trudi heads to Europe to work, in March, I can just use her’s and send mine in.  Until then, I guess I’ll just put up with it.  I don’t like it much.

This seems to be the only position where I can get it to recharge.

Joe Martin Extra Race

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I got an email from Bruce Dunn, czar of the Joe Martin Stage race, in Fayetteville Arkansas, yesterday, and it said that Joe Martin is adding another race for the Cat 1/2 men.  The email said that the Elite 1/2 race sold out super quick, so they were adding another race, a 3-stage, 2 day race, for the other guys that still wanted to race.

I’m not sure what to think about that.  I guess it is great is my initial thought.  It is kind of strange racing the same category of race, but not racing the same races.

The difference is the “normal” Elite 1/2 race mirrors the Pro race.  Which means it isn’t just two days, it has the Mt. Gaylor road race and starts earlier in the week.  The new race will mirror the other amateur categories and do the TT, the Hogeye Road Race, then the criterium on Sunday.  Both are good races, just different.

It is kind of cool when the promotor of a big event adds a race to allow for the overflow of riders wanting to do the event.  But, like I said above, it feels a little strange, from the view point of a Elite rider, knowing that you’re not racing with all the other guys in your category, at the same venue, the same weekend.   I guess it is the same as when you are racing the 1/2 race and there is a Pro race going on at the same time.

Anyway, Joe Martin is probably going to be a little early for me to be racing on the road this year.  Maybe not, but from what I’m been experiencing so far, it is slow going and I’m not going to be “taking chances” starting to take chances without knowing it I’m up to the challenge.

I did the Joe Martin Race last year. The 1/2 race. I’ve been racing this race for more than 30 years. That sounds scary.

Super Bowl Sunday / Bikin’

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I’m back in Kansas.   I’ve been out in California the past week.  Big change waking up this morning to temperatures in the 20’s compared to riding in sleeveless jersey a couple days this past week.

Luckily for me, it is going to be in the 50’s today here in Kansas.  We’re doing two rides today. Actually, just one ride, but checking back in because some can’t make it out by noon, so we’re going to loop back through town and pick them up after a couple hours.

Yesterday, I flew, then went directly to the Apple Store.  I’ve been having electronic problems the past couple days.  And other than a Garmin, the rest of the stuff is Apple.  Phone and computer.

My computer stopped working on Thursday.  The display wasn’t going on, so I couldn’t see the screen.  I tried to get an Apple appointment in California, but the earliest was on Tuesday.  Luckily I got a genius bar appointment at the Plaza a couple hours after I landed.

Anyway, like usual, they both work now.  It is unbelievable how many people are always at an Apple Store.  They have classes going on, selling products, plus fixing stuff.  They called this Macbook Pro a vintage computer.  It was made in 2011.  I don’t think of it as vintage, but in computer time, it is I guess.

I have 765 miles for the year now.  And most of those I’ve done in the past two weeks.  Like 620. I am still having some issues related to whacking my head on the ground, but think the main problem is that I just layed around for 10 weeks.  Most of that time in pain.  It is a little frustrating, but I’m trying to not dwell on that.  I believe patience is a virtue in this regard, but it isn’t my normal pace, so it is out of character for me.

Okay, today should be good.  After the ride, we’re watching the game at our house.  I’m not big on professional football, so I don’t have any favorite.  I’ve seen a couple of the commercials already and the ones I’ve seen seem to be addressing some of the political discourse our country is going through right now.  Seems good to me.  Make your views open to the masses. That is the only way this whole thing works.

I came out of the Apple Store and saw Trudi and Tucker across the street.

By the time I got over, they were inside a shop, Tucker getting a treat. Very nice women.

The Apple Store was packed.

A Few Photos from the Past few Days

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I flew into LA and met up with Seth Davidson and his wife.

On a ride with Adam Mills and Robin Carpenter. This is in Solana Beach at Lofty Coffee.

A church on a ride North of San Diego by Couser Canyon. I’m not sure what Revelation 22 12 is, but it must be “moving”.

Sue climbing Couser. I was riding up it with Corky. On Strava, Ned holds the KOM. He was only a bit over 10 minutes faster than us. I bet he was using carbon tubulars.  It’s only 5 mph faster than I climbed it.

These border cops were rifling through a woman’s car. I talked to her after and she said the reason was because she lives in LA and was driving to Chula Vista.  This was in a parking lot at a fruit market in Rainbow.

After the ride Couser ride with Corky and Patty.

Corky and Patty have two horses that wander their compound.

I liked this guy. He is 27 years old.

Mobile tire repair by Mission Bay.

Keith and Tucker returning a lost dog after the ride yesterday.

Lady Gaga warming up before the Super Bowl.


Trump – Not Playing Nice

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You might agree 100% with everything that President Trump has said and done since running for office and getting elected.  You think he is taking our country in the right direction.  That is fine.  But I challenge you to defend the way he acts.

He uses intimidation, arrogance, non-informed knowledge, and sloppiness to try to get “his” way.

I guess the easiest description is that he is just plain mean.  When someone says something he feels is incorrect, the guy lashes out at them via social media.  Or he tells one of his underlings to defend him, many times by just lying.  It is so wrong.

And worse than wrong, it is disrespectful of the office of President of the United States.  It makes our country look arrogant to the rest of the world.   Thus, it puts us, the citizens of the United States, in very bad light to others.  It reflects very badly on us.

The United States has historically been looked at as an empathetic country.  We tend to try to take care of people who don’t have the freedoms that we have.  I am proud of these actions. We were all lucky to have been born here, or at least end up here.

But that isn’t the case so much now.  If Trump doesn’t think that the national media is covering the acts of terrorism enough, then the guy doesn’t watch the news or read newspapers.  That is all I hear on a daily basis.  But he calls our media “fake” and they aren’t doing their jobs.

Sure, there is bad news people out there.  But outright lying to try to make your point makes the man looks either stupid or just confrontational.  I think it is the later.

I don’t think that politics is a good profession.  It is a very hard job and the people involved, usually, tend to be pretty thoughtful and smart.

I am sort of astonished that republican senators and house members have to sort of lie when being interviewed by the “fake” media. Maybe not lie, but sidestep the questions or say they can’t speak for the president.  Just because you are in the same political party as the guy, doesn’t mean you have to lower your standards to his.

I feel our politicians should always try to tell the true.  Don’t speak publicly if you’re going to lie. That is a pretty good mantra to have if you hold the job. That isn’t  always the case today.

When our politicians start lying to the people of our country, the system comes under pressure. And when our elected citizens start treating others very badly, then the whole problem is exacerbated.  That is where we are now.

This is an addition – This isn’t a left or right political deal.  This is a manors or moral compass deal.  We want our leaders to act the role of a leader.  Not a mean-spirited, egotistical weirdo that seems more interested in how he is portrayed by the media than actually doing what is correct, or what he feels is correct.  It is really basic, don’t be a dick trying to get your way.

I can’t understand why the smart, nice guys in Washington can’t explain to Donald that he is acting very badly and should try to play nicer.  Maybe they have and he’s just fired them.

Seems like the German media likes us a lot.