17 thoughts on “Peter Sagan – Tour of Flanders Interview

  1. Shano

    Sagan is certainly becoming cyclings’ iconoclast. And he’s got the legs to back up the talk. Amazing

      1. Shano

        It’s kinda like the old distributor wrench – “what’s that goofy lookin wrench for?” But when you needed one it was the only game in town.
        Sagans antics – ass grabbing, the hamming for the camera, hairy legs, etc put off a lot of people. But when you can dominate a race like he’s showing he can do, the rules just got rewritten.

    1. Robo

      The only thing that’s ever put me off was the ass grabbing, otherwise he is the type of personality cycling needs. Wheelies and hairy legs only make me like him more. “Don’t be such a roadie.”

  2. Larry T.

    Exciting race. Sagan’s head is finally getting around to where his legs, lungs and heart have been for awhile. Looked like Spartacus used his last bit of energy trying to catch up after letting Sagan and Co. get just a bit too far away…then had nothing left when it was time for the “Train from Bern” to leave the station and run down Sagan once he was alone out front?

    1. The Cyclist

      Get back regarding this in 3 years or more, if ever, and we’ll see about that.

  3. BZ

    Classy move by Vanmarcke for ushering Cancellara into an uncontested 2nd. I don’t know if he had enough to sprint for it, but a nice show of respect. Cancellara acknowledged it.

    1. Dan Lind

      BZ, I thought the same thing. Cancellara was motioning him forward to cross the line together since they both worked hard to catch Sagan, but Vanmarcke wanted Fabian to have his last moment crossing the finish line at RVV. Class act.


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