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Must Be Getting Old

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Halloween was last night, as if you didn’t notice. I don’t know how it is where you live, but in my part of the city of Topeka, Halloween is slowly dying and becoming a non-event. There is an area of Topeka called Potwin, and I’ve ridden over there on Halloween night and they estimate that most of the houses get around 1500 trick-or-treaters. That is almost as extreme as the meager 20 or so we got last night.

The first couple kids walking by our house came by right after I got back from riding to Lawrence. It was around 6:30 and just getting dark. They looked like they were going to walk on by, but I told them to go on up, there was pretty good candy inside. Anyway, I was putting my bike into the Isuzu to take it to the car wash to spray it off (it was super dusty today riding). Anyway, I sat there for a minute and realized that there was a car, with a woman in it, smoking a cigarette, following the kids, a house back. Man, what is going on now. These kids weren’t that young, maybe 11-13 I guess. And, if the parent is so worried, why not just follow on foot. What kind of example does this send our children? And how much fun could it be for them going out, knowing that their mom was watching ever move? I kind of understand why there weren’t that many kids, if this is the norm.
I was riding through town earlier and couldn’t believe, once again, how many people have put of plastic trash bags full of leaves for the trashmen. I was thinking how it got to be that each house has these lawns that we have to mow and upkeep.

I think it must of been back over 100 years ago when only the very rich could afford lawns. Then, when the regular guy could afford a house, and the invention of a push mower, some people decided that they would like to be perceived as wealthy and planted a yard. Pretty soon, the combustion engine was mounted on a wheeled mechanism and there was a power mower, which made lawn care that much easier. Now, many Americans pay other people to cut their grass. We have matured and became wealthy enough that we hire others to tend to our grass. It seems so silly and valueless in many respects. It seems to me that if you want to take pride in your yard, you should be putting some personal effort and sweat equity into it. That only seems right.

But, we seem to be migrating away from things like these above. No real Halloween. No kids mowing lawns. Lots of the things that I cherish from childhood have become nearly extinct in just over a generation. I guess that is progression and aging. I’ll have to mull it over for a while to try to figure it out some more.

My friend, Jim Thiele’s dog, Moots, getting ready to go out on Halloween night. And yes, all the clothing was originally mine I believe.

Riding back from Lawrence on Halloween day. This is Brian, Bill, Catherine, Joseph and Matt. Not necessarily in that order.

This is sunset when I got back to my driveway at dusk. Pretty great.

And finally, a Halloween night dinner. Quiche, reheated mixed, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie.

The start of the modern lawn?

Southern California

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Yesterday was a blur. I packed up and flew out to California late in the afternoon. Sue picked me up at the airport and we’re driving to Jimmy Macs, editor of Mountain Bike Action, today, for the Mike Nosco Memorial Rideup in Newbury Park.

I haven’t flown for a little while. I really like the people watching at the airport. This girl checked in and I had to take a photo of her because her carry-on was a loaf of white bread. Plus, in her wallet, she had a get-out-of-jail-free card from the game of Monopoly in the front. Then, circumstances had it, but I ended up sitting right next to her on the flight from Kansas City to Denver. How weird is that? She said that she couldn’t crush the bread because it was for a school project. I’m not sure what she is going to school for, but as far as I remember, I never needed a loaf of bread for anything school related. And she told me that she hadn’t ever had a chance to use the card yet. I wished her luck with that, if it happened.

Going through security, for some mystical reason, I happened to have a Swiss Army Knife in my backpack. I say this because I vividly remember taking it out of my backpack and putting it in the pocket of my checked luggage. The TSA lady gave me the knife back and I went outside and buried it by a tree across the street from the gate. There is a 63% chance that I’ll remember to get it next time I’m there.

Anyway, that’s about it from here so far. It will be good to catch up with Jimmy. I about only see him once a year now. That seems wrong. Okay, better get going. I need to spend some time on Mac’s pump track tonight.

Here is the girl checking in. If you carefully look, you can see her Monopoly card in her wallet. (I wasn’t really spying.)

I’ve been mainly using the same bags since the Levis days. These are close to 30 decades old.

The spot where the knife is buried.

Gonna Ride the Canyons Today

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Yesterday we drove up to Somis to hang with Jimmy Mac before the Nosco Charity ride this morning. I love hanging with Mac. We went out for a hour ride and the riding around Somis is unbelievable. It is mainly agricultural and there are lots of abandoned farm roads through the orchards. Then we went out for dinner at strip mall Italian, which nearly always has great food.

Today is the 80 mile ride from Newbury Park, down to the coast highway, and then back up through most of the canyons heading away from the coast. I think there are already over 400 riders signed up, so there will be over 600 there. I’m not sure about how dangerous it is going to be since this is the first time this ride has been on the weekend. I guess nearly every motorcycle in Southern California wants to go up to Mulholland Drive and let it hang out. I’ve been told it is going to be an issue for the ride, we’ll see. This is not even taking the Coast Hwy. into consideration, especially near Malibu.

Well, that’s about it. The weather is going to be perfect. We need to get going. Photos and such tomorrow.

Jimmy Mac climbing.

Mac’s pump track.

Strip mall Italian.

Mac and Gail’s tiki room.

Mike Nosco Ride – Newbury Park, California

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Did the ride yesterday up and down the canyons between the Coast Highway and Mulholland Drive. It was great. Since it is Sunday morning, I’d thought do today’s post in pictures, much like Charles Kuralt’s Sunday Morning TV show. (Clink the link if you’re too young.)

Jimmy Mac was so stoked riding on Friday that he actually got up at the crack of dawn to do the ride. He’s really into tats now as you can tell.

Zap, editor of Road Bike Action, who obviously brought a bike with no pedals to the ride, thus having an excuse to not participate actively.

Early in the ride along the coast.

Riding up the Coast Highway. Roy Knickman is on the right and his wife Debbie is on the left.

Roy Knickman and his son, Bo, at the 40 mile feed.

Turning at the bottom of Latigo Canyon.

Latigo from the top. Ben Bostrom lives half way up and a couple years ago on this ride, was putting the hurt into just about everyone that started the climb with him.

Debbie Knickman and Sue after the ride. They raced against each other back in the day.

Me and Wayne Stetina, I’m not sure what at Shimano, afterwards at the buffet.

Meanwhile, Trudi drove up to Ames, Iowa to participate in the ceremony for the new running track at Iowa State.

She’s an All-American in track and field and her name is on a plaque on the wall.

Trudi and Michael Fatka at the ISU vs. OU football game yesterday afternoon. Trudi got free tickets on the 50, plus was introduced on the field during a break.

I’ve Never Been a Fan of Vino

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I really haven’t. I never liked him much before he was popped for transfusing blood, but liked him much less afterwards. He never seemed to be the least bit remorseful, which somehow makes it worse. I surely wasn’t that happy about him winning the Olympic Games this year.

I wrote an article last year about Vino buying Liege from Alexander Kolobnev for 100,000 Euros. I thought that was done. But, I guess those two guys, Vino and Alexander got caught up in the Padua investigation and the UCI has decided to investigate the whole thing now. Here is a link to the article.

In my original post, link above, I say I didn’t really have that much issue with those riders exchanging money after the race. What I don’t like about the new article is that it says that both Vino and Kolobnev are/were clients of Dr. Ferrari.

My read on this, if it is true, is that if those guys were clients of Dr. Ferrari then they both need to be removed from the sport. Vino forever, since this would be his second “issue”.

I hate it all. It is much easier to hate the guys you don’t like already and feel sorry for the guys you like. But, when it comes down to it, there isn’t much difference between all of them. They took drugs to win major races, maybe including the Olympic Games.

Maybe we’ll have a Columbian winner of the Olympic Road Race when this is all done and over. And a new team guy in charge of the Astana Team too.

I never much liked this look when Vino made his return from his suspension. Him wearing a jersey with his picture on it? Strange.