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Tour Starts Tomorrow

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This should be an interesting Tour. I think as the sport becomes less supercharged, the racing should be way more interesting. The riders themselves will need more rest days during the race itself, thus allowing the long breaks to succeed at a much higher percentage.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that a RadioShack Team rider is going to win the race. Contador is obviously the safe pick, but that is no fun.

How about the local Midwest type riders wins a Elite Nationals last week, with Dave Wenger winning the Criterium Nationals and Jonathan Jacobs winning the Time Trial. It’s great to have the guys that we race thru out the season show case their abilities on such a national level. Congratulations guys.

Here’s a good interview with Danny Pate, who is riding the Tour for HTC. I applaud his thoughts on sticter bans for doping. Danny and I go way back to when he was a up and coming junior. Then later, we used to duke it out for the Iron Otter Award (Best Overall times riding both the MTB and Road stage races) at The Sea Otter Classic. When he came back for Sea Otter one year, when he was riding professional in Europe, I asked him why he is bothering racing MTB’s still. He said, “To be like you Steve.” That guy cracks me up.

The Tour of Lawrence starts tonight with street sprints in downtown Lawrence tonight. Tomorrow is a super hard circuit race and then a criterium on Sunday evening. I’m pretty iffy, but you never know. It’s a bike race and it’s not over until it’s over.

Okay, I need to glue some tires on and do the normal pre-race stuff. It is funny how you wake up with race mentality on a race day, even though I have no illusions of riding more than 200 meters this evening. Once.

No Needles At the Tour – Stupid Rule

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The no needles policy that they started at the Giro this year is stupid. Bradley Wiggins thinks so too. I applaud the idea of the action, but implementing a rule that is unenforceable is like not having a rule to begin with.

If we want to put a stop to this whole thing, how about a rule that makes all the teams use the same doctors at the races like it was before. I’ve never been on a team that brought a doctor to a race, but I’ve seen lots of doctors at races, that were officially there on behave of the race.

The whole thing is like the no texting in automobile law that Kansas and many other states have passed. It has been shown in many studies, that accidents actually increase when this law is enforce. It doesn’t decrease texting, it increases accidents. People just put their phones lower, so they aren’t looking up nearly as often.

So, why it may seem like a great idea at the time, the rules/laws don’t actually do what they were intended to do. There still are IV bags and such at the Tour de France. Now they are just another aspect of the clandestine and covert part of the sport we’d all like to avoid.

Tour of Lawrence Street Sprints

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Went down to Lawrence last night and did the street sprints. Nothing to write home about for me. I made it through 3 rounds before Josh Carter, AeroCat, and last two years winner put me out. I actually volunteered to ride against him since no one else seemed to want to step forward and get slain. But, Josh didn’t do the three peat. Andrew Dalheim, Bissell, won the finals. He won the circuit race last year, so he must be on good form. I think I might get up early tomorrow and go race the Master’s race at 8:30am. I think I might ride better in the Pro 1 race at 5:30 if I race first in the morning. It seems like it is taking me a lot of time/miles to get going recently. I’m not sure what that is about. Okay. Better go to bed if I’m going to get up in less than 6 hours to race.

Just got up to my favorite breakfast, homemade apple pie and blueberries.

Pretty nice venue.

Joseph and I after getting put out.

The energizer bunny and friend, Lauren, still working late into the night. I'm bringing her coffee early this morning.

Tour of Lawrence – Too Early

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I got up and drove over to ride the master’s warm-up race at 8:30 am. I’m not much for racing early, but that isn’t too bad. It was already hot. I stopped and got some coffee after my pie and berries for breakfast.

There were a fair amount of guys at the start. Maybe 50 or more. Anyway, I don’t ever hardly race master’s races. Maybe once every couple years, so I don’t have a feel of how they go. This one didn’t really go. Finally on the 4th out of 5 laps, I put in a small dig on a hill and there were only 4 of us left. I wasn’t feeling bad. But, not good either.

So, it came down to the last hill, 300 meters before the finish. I don’t know if I won or not. It was pretty close. I took off on the hill, then got passed by some guy. I’m not sure who it was. The other two were gapped. I sat for a bit and came by him at 200 meters, but it was too early maybe. We threw our bikes at the line. I rarely don’t know if I won or not, but this is one of those instances. I didn’t go back to check.

Driving back to Topeka now, hopefully get to see the end of the Tour. I think it is a good finish for Cadel other than Gilbert. Back again to race at 5:30 pm. It is supposed to rain this afternoon. The course was super slick last year wet. I hope it holds off.

Break climbing the hill.

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Tour de France TTT Photos Behind the Scenes

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Here’s some photos Trudi sent this morning from the Tour time trial.

Garmin Cervelo warming up with towels and fans.

Rabobank using ice vest while warming up.

BMC not warming up at all, just the bikes.

And the riders on their bikes.

Cadel in green at the start.

The bike check line. What a joke.

Gilbert talking to Cadel after the TTT.

July 4th Rest Day

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The Tour of Lawrence is over. The race was great. That race should be on the National Racing Calender. The circuit on the campus is the hardest course I ride all year. The criterium in in downtown in front of 1000’s of spectators. As a racer, you couldn’t ask for more.

The race just went so, so for my team, TradeWind Energy. Brian Jensen was riding crazy good. He finished 4th on Saturday, just getting off a plane from business travel. On Sunday, his legs were way better. He was like the energizer bunny. He didn’t miss a move all day, but it was all for naught. It came down to a field sprint.

I was all over the map. During the circuit race, I was great to bad, depending on what time you polled me. I was climbing pretty well, but was missing something on the flats. I rode until 5 laps to go, when I got a slow leak. SRAM had neutral support, but the field had shattered and I had no illusions of being able to get a wheel change and chase back to the front group. I’m not sure there was a rider there that could have done that.

Yesterday, in the criterium, I was the same. I made a couple moves, but after a few laps, had to go back 30 guys and rest. I was good going into the final few laps, but got caught up in some sillyness with three corners to go, got past that, but got jammed up in the final corner and 10 guys went by me. I finished in the teens somewhere. Bill right behind me.

Joseph Schmalz won the circuit race on Saturday solo. It was a great win for him, especially since he is from Lawrence. Brad Huff, Jelly Belly, won the criterium from a field sprint on Sunday. I think Josh Carter, AeroCat, was 2nd. They were the fastest two guys in the race and it showed. Catherine Walberg ended up 3rd in the criterium yesterday, after winning a few primes, so that was a pretty good finish for her.

We ended up staying in Lawrence after the race until the wee hours. Our team got together at a super nice downtown Lawrence restaurant, 715, and stayed there until it was already July 4th.

Also, I was doing so kitten delivery and didn’t drop the last kitten off to a couple KU students until nearly 1 am. They were having a little kitten welcoming party. It was fun going by and talking for a while.

This afternoon I’m going over to some friends for a pool party after riding. It’s sort of become a July 4th tradition. Then I need to figure out what I’d doing for the rest of the month. My team has bolted on me for the next few weeks. Brian Jensen is on a plane to Denmark, his native country and will be gone for over two weeks. And youngster, Ben Stover flew to LA this morning, at 5 am, on one hours sleep, to hang in California with his girlfriend’s family on the beach. I’m thinking of going somewhere and riding my MTB some. I need some time to figure out how to pedal right again.

Joseph, all smiles, after winning on Saturday.

Proud new parents, Bill Andersen and his wife.

KU Cycling Team riders, Blake and his room mate with their new kitten.

Have you ever paid attention to the sillyness that firework stands use to try to convince you to stop and shop. They sell fireworks everywhere here, within the city limits. That law must of just changed recently. I was walking Bromont last night, at 3 am and there were still explosions to be heard. Amazing.