2 thoughts on “bruyneel

  1. Richard

    I enjoyed your article (the profanity excused) and have followed the doping since Pedro Delgado created a stir in the 1988 Tour de France.
    Sure it’s the culture and it is changing, but it goes deeper than riders doping themselves, and as some have suggested, to the UCI covering up a doping result. It involves team managers, doctors and trainers as Willie Voit suggested in his tell-all on the Festina Affair.
    How will we know when the sport is actually Clean?

  2. tilford97 Post author

    I have no idea when it is going to be clean. I assume it is always going to have the individuals that cross the line. But, the systematic shit has to stop.

    It is very easy to tell when I’m in the race. The super charged moves are so apparent. But, watching on television is different. Everything looks slow. You have to watch the body language. The riding styles.

    Hopefully this is a wake up call. The final one.


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