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  1. cl

    Wow, that picture brings back some memories for me. Not of the race though. In the late 90’s I was a freelance photographer with the Sun-Times and worked a short stint as an assignment editor there before winding up at the Tribune as an editor. I’m out of the biz now.
    Seeing the back of that print is really nostalgic. It’s been a long time since we’ve typed captions on prints. In fact we don’t make prints at all anymore. That brought it all back. The smell of the chemicals, the tan subway tile on the darkroom walls, all the photographers hanging out while their film souped.
    Bob Black, the photographer was a real jolly guy and a first rate shooter in his day. He left the “Bright One” (as in Sun-Times) years ago and I’ve lost track of him.
    Cool shot, tell us the story sometime!


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