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    Hello Steve, you have a very good blog for all us 50 plusers, wish we all could do what you do! thank you for sharing your life with us.anyway, my wife is a med. tech in a lab.she says your blood work is good, nothing out of order, we are both 50 plus, allergies play a big part for us, most of all cats, i know you have a few, but check out your allergies, thats what gets me,i do hvac work, in and out of all kinds of houses all week, cats effect me more than anything, not what you want to here, did you feel better away from home ? maybe the colder temps will help. good luck with this , maybe see you at rivers eatery, going up for da birkie, and ill put a beer on the board for ya. every day above ground is a good day! Charles and Peggy.


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