Toasting the Life of Steve Tilford

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Thank you for the tremendous outpouring of kind words and memories.
Steve is my everything.
Now I realize how special he was to all of you.
We are blessed to have Steve in our hearts.
❤️️ Trudi

Let’s come together for the evening!

An evening to share our memories of a life rich with love, happiness, humility and compassion. His drive to be the best brought out the best in all of us.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Cider Gallery
810 Pennsylvania
Lawrence, Kansas

5:30-9:30 pm
Open House

Small plates, beverages and of course, pie!

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54 thoughts on “Toasting the Life of Steve Tilford

  1. vtguy

    Thank you, Trudi. Although I won’t be able to make it to Kansas for the event, my thoughts will be with you and all Steve’s family and friends.

    Peace and Blessings to you.

  2. John Adamson

    I won’t be able to make it either, but Steve’ll always be with me/us in Spirit.

  3. Clifford Allen

    Sadly half a country away and can’t make it to Lawrence but I’ll be thinking of Steve and all of you. Hope to be there later in the summer… Much love to everyone.

  4. Paul G

    I will be working a MS/HS mountain bike race that weekend on the far left coast, but will be with you all in spirit… blessings to you Trudi and all of Steve’s family and friends…


    Trudi Russ and I are so sorry for your loss. Steve was a great man on and off the bike. Unfortunetly just having major back surgery I will not be able to attend your gathering. Sending loving thoughts your way.
    Adrienne and Russ

  6. Wildcat

    One of my favorite posts was last fall when Steve started out by saying, “Historically, I like pie”. He is the only person that would say it like that. I actually laughed out loud. He had a writing style that some people criticized, but I couldn’t get enough of it. Won’t be able to make it on the 23rd. Hopefully I will be able to attend the thing later this summer. Will it perhaps become an annual event? A memorial ride with pie and beer?

  7. Steve Boehmke

    So much love to you Trudi, you have both been such a warm part of my career in the bicycle world since the late 80’s… As with many, I had just been contemplating how cool it was going to be when Steve was still shredding 30-year-olds on his bike in his 90’s… Like, he was the LAST person we expected to leave this planet early. I could only imagine the difficulty of your journey back from Europe to deal with this… Perhaps we can get a toast together for Sunday at the Sea Otter… a minute of silence to remember Steve. I’ll start working on this asap… And I hope to see you to give a smile and a hug before the year is out…

    Peace, peace, peace. SB

    1. Clifford Allen

      Same — as a writer myself, reading Steve’s posts loosened me up a bit. Sorta like cycling — be loose on the bike when the terrain and speed dictate it.

  8. The Cyclist

    I hoped I would grow old reading Steve’s blog. Last year my dad passed away, but this… for some reason this makes me way more sad. Wish I could be there, if it wasn’t a world away. Please, don’t ever shut this site down so we all can go back and read some old posts when the missing grows too strong.

  9. Jacob

    I never met Steve. I’ll always regret that. I saw him at a few races, knew who he was, heard the legends, read about him battling with Ned and the other legends as a kid. But I ‘knew’ him through this blog. I read it every day for the last 4 or 5 years. And, agree or disagree, every single post left an impression on me. The way Steve approached life, thinking out loud, engaging, challenging, musing, living — I’ve never known anybody else like him. It was a treasured part of my day, just hearing Steve’s thoughts on bikes, or cars, or dogs, or pie. I miss him like crazy and feel like the world is a darker place without him. But his memory lives on, and I am so thankful for what he gave us when he was here.

    I will miss the event but will be with you in spirit. Peace and comfort to you all, and thank you for sharing Steve with the world.

  10. Stanley

    Yes, of course, I will be there to celebrate a life well lived and a dear friend. Deeply saddened by this whole horrible thing. Despite this void, it is important that we all love one another and live each day to the fullest, just as Steve showed us.

  11. Carl Ring

    sadly I won’t be in Lawrence that weekend. Steve was such a phenomenal person I’ll never forget him. I hope you’ll be around when I am in town for the Kanza so I can give you a heart felt hug. If not, know that you’re in the prayers of thousands & thousands of fellow friends.

  12. Ed Morris

    If we could, we would be there. We’ll be there in spirit. My wife and I were privleged to meet Steve a few years ago and enjoy his company for a short time at the Nosco Ride. Bless you and your family in this unfathomable time. He was one of those truly unique people on this planet.

  13. Nicole

    The Sayers family will be with you in love and spirit. Looking forward to giving you an enormous hug in CA. So sorry for your loss.

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  15. John Wolfe

    Not many people are ging to be showing up, it’s either “I’m to far away” or “I have medical issues”. What a bunch on of pussies, always with some lame ass excuse. I bet if Steve were alive today and said that he had only 6 months to live you would show up in a heartbeat. All this “so called” outpouring of love in the comment section and when the time really counts you can’t deliver? Here’s a thought…YOU MAKE THE TIME! How’s that?

    1. Munchma Quchi

      Wolve in dumbasses clothing,

      People aren’t going in order to support Steve.

      They’re going in order to support those that Steve loved and those that loved Steve.

      This is just common sense and you must be a complete idiot.

    2. Jeff D

      I’d bet that a lot of folks will be there, only the ones that for some reason can’t make it are posting. I personally won’t be there either due to distance and I didn’t personally know Steve although I meet him/talked with him and Trudi at a few races before. Even though I didn’t really know Steve, I felt like I knew him due to this blog, I looked everyday to see if he posted that day and always enjoyed reading what he had to say. Like so many others when I read of Steve’s death I felt like someone had kicked me in the gut, empty , sad and even worried about Trudi being half a world away and getting the awful news. Stacie, ya’ll better have lots of pie!!

  16. jp

    Trudi, I have not commented on here after the news. I continue to work on processing all of it, mostly so many things run through my head about you, Tucker, cats, close friends, brother, how all the daily blog readers will adjust, everyone that depended on Steve for being Steve. I guess that’s why they call it “loss” when somebody has left this place. I wish we could make the pain less for you, I wish this never happened. I don’t know what else to say, but there are endless things to say. Keep going, take care.

  17. Steve McNamee

    I only met Steve a few times at various cross races, and I admired his view of each lap as an opportunity to go faster and to find a better line. I’ll work on that next year.

  18. Shaun Wallace

    Trudi, Thanks for posting. My heart goes out to you. Sorry I’ve not written before but to be honest this is the first time I’ve been ready to visit anywhere I knew there’d be news or comments. This is going to hurt for a long while. For ALL of Steve’s friends. But of course every time we think of Steve we’ll be thinking especially of you too, and sending love and strength your way.

  19. Scott McKinley

    So sorry, Trudi. You both are amazing people, so gentle and kind and thoughtful. If there is a silver lining here, it’s that Steve touched and inspired so many people. Selfishly, I’m fortunate to have known you both.

  20. mike

    i did not know steve personally but i followed his writings on his blog. i will miss him. i am sorry for our loss.
    i am glad tucker made it. i would like to think steve is with bromount.

    on on

  21. Tim Maloney

    Hello Trudy: Wanted to extend my deepest condolences to you and the rest of Steve’s family & friends. So sorry to hear of Steve’s tragic death; he was taken way too early from us. A man of true integrity and honesty who was so dedicated to cycling and it’s culture. Steve as a true inspiration for many, including me and I will miss his blog posts a lot. A pet for Tucker and all the other critters who will miss him. Godspeed Steve Tilford

  22. Laurie McKnight

    Trudi, I have been devastated by the news and am thinking about you and Steve nonstop. It’s remarkable how many lives he has touched. I feel fortunate to have been on the circuit with you two, and will never forget running into Steve on the trails, and our lively exchanges. I am deeply sorry for your loss. He will always be with you.

  23. randy miller

    jut painfully painful to bear. not in ks any more but wish I could be there to hear the stories.

    1. lordSpandex

      it looks like it. i can think of a couple of reasons. 1. rather than moderate the trolls, they just deleted the posts. 2. pending legal action. there was a lot of ‘steve did this’, ‘i did that’ in those posts. that could come back to haunt any legal action taken by the poster or against the poster.

  24. Menstrual Cycle Racing (MCR)

    I wish that I could attend but this damn spandex is giving me a rash and my pussy is swollen. It looks like a baboons butt on the outside and a grilled cheese sammich on the inside, and it’s itchin’ somethin’ fierce. It feels like somebody is barbecuing crabs down there. Best of luck to you Rudi at being single once again, and remember to always think positive, it’s only gonna get worse from here.

      1. C-Span Caller # 3 - Independent

        Magilla Gorilla is mad because he thinks Tilly ‘shithooked’ him more than once.

        Nope, he was just a better rider J.

  25. Gary Johnson

    There is one quote that I know of to describe Steve’s life and that is: I rode my BIKE for 95% of my life, the other 5% I wasted.
    From all of the racing clubs in the Twin Cities, our Deepest Condolences!
    Gary Johnson

  26. Jerome

    Somehow, knowing there are people like Steve out there makes me feel a little better about everyone.

    I think I’ll go a few miles longer this weekend when I remember him.

    Godspeed, Steve and Trudi!

  27. Dave King

    I still keep checking this blog, unable to believe Steve is gone. I miss reading his thoughts and about his experiences. He was a person who seemed both an introvert (comfortable with and by himself) and yet connected to many people. Sensitive to others and yet able to be his own person. I never met him or raced with him, but I wish I had. Always thought there would be time and with his traveling ways that I might cross paths with him.

    Trudi, his family and his close friends – I am so, so sorry for your loss. My deepest condolences to all of you.

  28. MM1

    Never met Steve, an ocean away in both distance and talent, the only thing we had in common is our age and a love for the bike. I just want you to know that Steve had followers from around the globe, who will miss his unique view of the world, his burning passion for our beautiful sport and a life well lived. I send all my love to those he has left behind.

  29. Matthew Van Nostrand

    I had hoped to come from Vancouver, BC but unfortunately I can’t. Steve meant a lot to me somehow, even though I never met him. He was, and will remain my inspiration for cycling and racing, and the right path through it all.

  30. Gary Crandall

    Trudi, We will be bringing a car load of Chequamegon family love to you and Steve’s friends for his memorial gathering. We send you and those around you our best.

    1. Jim

      Glad to see Wisconsin represented. I liked seeing Steve at the Cheque 40 and the ‘cross finals in Madison. I was unable to attend, but myself and 3 others went on a long gravel ride and I told them Steve’s memorial was today.

  31. Mike the Bike

    Been thinking about how to preserve Steve Tilford’s memory, and also how to keep going a website/community like the one we have here. How about a website where we can all upload our cycle ride in the manner of Steve – we upload text and photos and others get to comment? For a domain name how about Could just use off the shelf forum software. Had a quick google to see if something like this already existed but couldn’t find one.

  32. Peter Eckel

    Trudi & All,

    My heart & soul will be there in spirit. I will miss Steve in both the friend and fierce competitor he always was. Lots of love & prayers.


  33. Tim Campen

    Trudi and all. Tilly was a great man and will remain in my heart always. Certainly always the competitor, and a fresh voice of reason in this confused mixed up world.
    I had strongly considered going to the event however it’s not realistic to make the drive.
    I will think of you guys always.

  34. JCS

    I keep coming back to this website. It’s been a part of my daily life for years. Trudi, Kris and the all of the Steve’s extended bike family are in my thoughts. Peace

  35. R

    The gathering for Steve last night was warm, wonderful, at times funny, at times sad. I feel fortunate to have been there. It was a great tribute to a life well lived!


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