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  1. Bill J. from Austin

    That there is history on wheels, mi amigo. If you were allowed that close to the thing, I’m sure you know it is the original one-off “XAVW” built by renowned pinstriper, painter, motorcycle mechanic, knife-maker and gunsmith Kenny Howard (AKA Von Dutch) circa 1966. If you look on the front fender you’ll see the XAVW logo he created for the bike. At a time when most bike customizers were using Harley-Davidsons, Triumphs and other British iron, and the VERY occasional Indian, to build wild stretched-out choppers, Howard – by all accounts a dedicated nonconformist – went an entirely different way. A report I read says Howard used a rare Harley-Davidson XA frame, World War II shaft drive, BMW transmission, Moto Guzzi front forks and a Triumph rear fender. Pretty impressive feat.


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